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    how to get organized and declutter

    Holding on (to Clutter) is Holding You Back

    Written on August 5, 2021

    5 Reasons to Join the #FindYourHapsy Challenge

    If you’re anything like us, you’re getting through the pandemic with copious amounts of Netflix, ordering takeout, ditching heels and dress clothes for sweatpants and slippers, and maybe even rearranging your house to be part office, part day-care, part classroom. Phew! Now that the world is starting to re-open, you may be wondering how to balance new social activities with your newfound “freedom” of staying in the comfort of your home. You may also feel long overdue for a reset. That’s how we were feeling, too. We’ve created the #FindYourHapsy challenge to help you learn how to declutter, work it all out, and get organized.

    The #FindYourHapsy challenge was designed to reset your surroundings and schedule while clearing the clutter to make time and space for the things we love. To take the new parts we appreciate from lockdown and break the bad habits we’ve accrued in our adulthood and throughout this time of coping and surviving the pandemic. Some people may be ready to return to the hustle and bustle of pre-pandemic times, but others may be dreading the pressure. What if we found a happy medium of returning to the outside world, but maintained a balance of spending more time with our family and close loved ones? So let’s get down to it and talk about 5 ways you could benefit from cutting the clutter (and chaos of life) to start a brand new (almost) post-pandemic chapter. 

    1. You’ve been feeling overwhelmed – let’s write things down. 

    With things picking up again, you may be feeling a bit stretched thin. You’re maxing out your brain space and trying to juggle, but this almost always leads to burnout. Throughout the challenge, we are tasked with writing down the chaos in our minds to free up our most important organ (the brain) and create what will become a roadmap to accomplishing what we need to. There is power in the brain dump!

    2. Your house has become all the things – let’s get organized

    When lockdown began many people lost their jobs and worlds were rocked. Some people were lucky enough to keep their jobs, but still had the task of adapting to working from home, homeschooling their children, and juggling infants mid-zoom meeting with an elaborate system of gates and toys. Now that most schools are returning to in-person classes and care providers are accepting work, it’s time to go through our households, get organized, and do a deep clean to reset. Is there a better structure for you and your family moving into a new chapter? This is what we aim to answer through the #FindYourHapsy challenge.

    3. You picked up new habits that are no longer serving you – let’s break them 

    When it comes down to it, we all needed to survive during a time when so much was uncertain. There was (and is) political unrest and people are suffering, even experiencing immense loss. For many, coping with the stress means turning to food, alcohol, online shopping, or other habits that don’t serve us in the best way. These habits cause harm when repeated for an extended period of time. 

    You didn’t do anything wrong by doing what it took to cope. You were surviving. Now that we’ve adjusted, some time has passed, and we have a new chapter ahead of us, it’s time to break some of those habits. Utilize the challenge to develop some healthier coping mechanisms. Do you need support for an addiction? There are many free resources available to help.

    4. You have too much stuff or clutter is causing chaos – let’s donate and declutter

    Prior to the pandemic, we had households filled with objects, furniture, and toys that we once loved and used on a daily basis. Through the pandemic, many of us acquired new things to help pass the time. Some of it helped us do much more of our lives in our homes versus in an office or at school. 

    Now, it’s time to take a good hard look at what we have. What can stay and what can go? Through the #FindYourHapsy challenge we walk you through how to declutter and get organized. Charitable organizations and second-hand stores need your gently used belongings. What is broken, not functional, worn out, or items that have missing parts can be tossed. This process can feel daunting, but we break it up with a small task each day. When it’s done, you will have created a new space for your life to happen with a little less resistance. There are incredible benefits to downsizing. Want some inspiration outside of this challenge? Check out Marie Kondo’s show on Netflix, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, or the spunky duo of The Home Edit in their Netflix show Get Organized with The Home Edit.

    5. You have maintenance needs – let’s get it scheduled. 

    The #FindYourHapsy challenge has called us to dig deep into our minds, our lifestyles, and our homes to learn how to declutter and reformat our lives. Did you uncover household items that require maintenance or larger projects that need to be addressed? Instead of putting that off, now is the time to get organized and schedule out necessary maintenance so you can cross it all off and breathe a sigh of relief when it’s all done. 

    This challenge asks a lot of you. It asks you to be present, to write down the chaos occupying your mind, to purge old habits and belongings, to reset and reformat your thoughts and your calendar. It’s a heavy lift, but the best of things comes from hard work and dedication. We like to think that Hapsy products like the Daily Drop and the Soothe Stick are secret weapons to support your mind, wellness, and body to push through challenging tasks like these. They can support you as you conquer the hard work. If you’re ready to join in on the challenge, follow along on Instagram and tag us with @BeHapsy and #FindYourHapsy to be entered into the giveaway. Three participants will be chosen to receive Hapsy products. Winners will be announced on September 1st on our Instagram page

    Would you like a free PDF download of the challenge at the end of the month? Click here to sign up.

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