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    Hapsy’s Alternative to Black Friday Madness

    Written on October 25, 2021

    There’s got to be a Black Friday alternative. Each year, as fall begins and we start our search for wonderful holiday gifts to bestow upon our loved ones, one re-occurring tradition makes us feel… the furthest from the holiday spirit. When it comes to “holiday traditions,” we think Black Friday and Cyber Monday should get a nice little introduction to cancel culture. Don’t get it wrong: we love a good deal. But NOT at the expense of spending precious quality time with our loved ones and the often underpaid hard labor of retail, warehouse, and delivery employees. Here are our reasons why we’re not participating in CBD Black Friday sales — and instead will be giving you season-long discounts. 

    1. Thanksgiving weekend is a time to be with loved ones

    Holidays are meant to be a time to be with our families (or chosen families). If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that life is unpredictable. Our loved ones will not be around forever and time is precious. Lastly, not all of us have the privilege to spend holidays with our loved ones, which should inspire us all towards gratefulness when we can. 

    So, this holiday season, instead of racing to get a deal or staying up all night to buy the latest model of NewThing3000, let’s take time to show our loved ones how much we cherish them by making memories and getting to know them better. Don’t underestimate the power of a pause.

    2. Giving thanks shouldn’t be overshadowed by consumerism

    One thing we can all work to improve upon is gratefulness. It’s so easy to be overcome with fear, anxiety, stress, or other negative emotions and to cope with them through things that give us a quick boost of serotonin-like shopping or wishing for more, better, different. One English poet, writer, and philosopher, G.K. Chesterton once said:

    “I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder”

    And you know what? He’s not wrong. There is science behind the power of gratitude in sparking joy in our lives. Many scientists have studied how gratefulness can impact our health, and the general consensus is that it definitely plays a roll in our health, wellness, and happiness. This year, instead of shopping to fill the void, let’s set out to be grateful for what we have as a Black Friday alternative.  

    3. Companies that put profits before people don’t deserve our hard-earned money

    Although it may appear that Black Friday CBD sales are all about the consumer…they aren’t. Businesses have a bottom line – they want to maximize sales and profits, and many of them are willing to use fuzzy marketing messages about family and kindness, while they completely ignore the impact that Black Friday CBD sales have on families, their own workers, and the mental health of their staff. All while paying starvation wages and cutting benefits. 

    Now, that’s not the case for all retailers, but it’s a common theme that is more the norm than the exception. On the flip side, there are a few businesses (REI, Patagonia, and a few others) being led by caring individuals who have chosen to opt-out of black Friday sales, and we think they deserve our business (throughout the year) more than the opt-in. 

    4. Worker shortages mean Black Friday and Cyber Monday will put even more pressure on those carrying the burden

    Let’s get real about the very heavy burden being carried by the hard-working people who make possible our Black Friday outings and who fulfill Cyber Monday online orders. All the way through the supply chain, workers are slammed with more orders than they can reasonably handle. They come home exhausted, are often the butt of other people’s stress-fueled outbursts, are under intense performance metrics, and sometimes don’t get the proper breaks they deserve. At that’s with a full staff! Now imagine the worker shortage across the United States (and beyond), and how much harder it will be for those holding the front lines

    5. Black Friday is actually Native American Heritage Day

    One thing many people don’t know is that Black Friday is actually Native American Heritage Day. Thanksgiving weekend is a difficult weekend for indigenous people. For them, the time in history that inspired this holiday was a time period of an ancestral massacre and mourning. We aren’t suggesting you give up your thanksgiving celebrations. Giving thanks is something indigenous people do every single day as a way of life. 

    Rather, instead of diving headfirst into consumerism this Black Friday AKA Native American Heritage Day, maybe we could invest some time in learning about the realities of native life today and give our time and resources to those who have been displaced or impacted by decades of unfair treatment and genocide. This year, instead of spending our money on stuff, we could fundraise or donate to Native Hope to help Native people without housing, or to one of the many organizations (here, here, or here) that help native people reclaim their rights and land. Each step in the right direction will forge a new path forward.

    These topics may seem like a sad take on a day most people call a holiday… and they are. But sometimes we have to talk about hard topics to break through seemingly harmless traditions (like buying CBD on Black Friday) that, in reality, are quite harmful. 

    At Hapsy, we care deeply about people, their families, and the planet. It’s why we won’t be participating in Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Instead, we will be discounting our products the whole holiday season as a Black Friday alternative. Starting on November 1st and extending through November 14th, all of our products will be automatically discounted by 40%. Then, through the end of the year, all of our products will be 20% off. It’s our way of giving to you while opting out of the crazy one-day sales that are so harmful. We hope you take our message to heart and consider giving your business to companies that value people over profits. 

    From the Hapsy team to you and your loved ones, we wish you a ‘hapsy’ and healthy holiday season. 

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