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    Go Back to School without the Stress

    Written on August 8, 2022

    It feels like summer has just begun, but alas, we’re heading back to school. If you’re anything like us, it sends tension into our neck and shoulders and provides an unwelcome spike of anxiety. Instead of letting stress and overwhelm creep in, let’s go over some back-to-school tips for parents, a few mental health tips, and how you can tap into CBD calming effects to get you through the change in seasons. 

    When it’s time to start shopping for back-to-school clothes and school supplies, you may be wondering where you’re supposed to find the money, time, or energy to get it all done. You’ve heard the saying, “the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time”. Now, you won’t find us eating endangered animals, but the point is that when broken into small pieces, even a huge task is manageable. 

    Use CBD to calm the back-to-school crazies

    First things first. If you want to cut back on stress as you prepare for heading back to school, stock up on your CBD staples — the Hapsy Daily Drop for stress and the Soothe Stick for aching muscles and joints. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering, “why does CBD calm you down,” the answer lies in how CBD impacts blood flow to the area of the brain associated with anxiety and the impacts it has on serotonin receptors to start. There are still many studies being conducted to understand all the ways CBD interacts with our bodies, but one thing we know right now is that it makes sense to tap into CBD calming effects as you enter into a potentially stressful new season. For these reasons and many others, CBD always tops our list of mental health tips. 

    Get into a routine leading up to the new school year

    We’ve been living up these summer days — wonderfully slow mornings, impromptu park visits, days at the splash pad, and trips to see family and friends. These moments have filled our hearts to the brim. But now that we are heading into a new school year, it’s time to get back into a routine to reduce chaos, tantrums, family feuds, and early morning meltdowns. Set up a loose schedule and start putting it into play a few weeks before school starts to reduce too much change all at once.

    Start waking up earlier a few weeks in advance 

    Think back to those end of summer days when you were a kiddo, tucked into bed, in your deepest sleep and dreaming when *shake shake shake* “Hunny! Wake up! It’s time to go to school!” Ahhhhh, man! Why!? If your kids are not naturally early risers, let’s give them a smoother transition into early wake times by slowly dialing back the wake-up time in increments. A jump from 9 am to 7 am can be hard on little brains and bodies. In the final weeks of summer, start bedtime a little earlier and wake them up 15 or 30 minutes earlier until you’re eventually at your desired wake-up time. 

    Take inventory before you start shopping for school supplies

    Looking for money-saving back-to-school tips for parents? Yeah, us too. At a time when layoffs are rampant, and many of us are still recovering from financial upheaval, it’s important to budget and save where possible and contribute to a reduce, reuse, recycle model. Go through your craft and school supplies at home before making a trip to the store. You may be surprised at how many supplies you already have on hand. Then, head to your local Goodwill or second-hand stores for gently used backpacks, shoes, and more. Check the local papers for coupons and sales. Still, have items on the list? Head to the store to purchase new items knowing you’d done your part to save money and the planet. 

    Talk about bullying and self-image with your kids

    Although it’s an unfortunate truth, bullying is a serious issue that requires conversation and preparation. Bullying has no place in schools, but it happens nonetheless. Talk with your child to teach them how to respond to a bully with a few steps. 

    1. Look the bully in the eye instead of cowering.
    2. Breath, stay calm, and stand tall. 
    3. In a firm voice, say, “I don’t like what you’re doing. Please do not talk to me like that. You do not have permission to touch me”. 
    4. If the bully is being physical, scream for help.
    5. Walk away.
    6. Tell a trusted adult at school (or on the bus).
    7. Tell a parent when you’re home. 

    As adults, we seek mental health tips for when we are feeling overwhelmed and targeted. Our children rely on us for their own mental health tips without knowing it. Once you’ve covered how to respond to a bully, talk to your child about how they’re feeling. Emphasize how their self-image comes from within and is not dictated by the opinions of others — and especially not bullies. Remind your child that everything is temporary and they should never harm themselves if they are feeling sad or overwhelmed. You are their ally. Help them to feel supported, so they lean on you in difficult situations instead of shutting down. Is your child struggling with a bully? Utilize this resource to get help.

    Remember that you’re not alone

    We hope these back-to-school tips for parents have helped you to feel a little more prepared as we start the new school year. Just remember that you are a part of a community, and there are many allies who are ready and willing to help in any way they can. When we lean on our support system and find healthy coping tactics, like tapping into CBD calming effects, we can fight off stress and approach our challenges with a clear mind.

    Want to take one more thing off your list of to-dos? Hapsy Soothe Sticks and the Hapsy Daily Drop are sized perfectly to take with you as you prepare for heading back to school. We’ve made restocking your Hapsy products even easier with Hapsy on subscription. Set it and forget it this school year. Choose your frequency of delivery every 30, 60, or 90 days — all while saving 20%. Be balanced within CBD calming effects.

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