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    Adding Daily Drops to Your CBD Routine

    Written on April 13, 2021

    Normal day-to-day living can be inherently stressful. Even more so now that we’re recovering from being thrown into a worldwide pandemic. What can you do to make it better? Breathe? Absolutely. Focus and try to remain calm? Most definitely. Ingest some pure CBD tincture? That’s a given. Wait. What? Yes. CBD isolate and tincture. Maybe you know all about it. Maybe you’ve never tried it. But I’m sure that you’ve definitely heard about it. It seems to be everywhere these days. You can find CBD oil drops in lotions and edible foodstuffs and products you can smoke, all kinds of things — and you don’t have to go to some specialty store or dispensary to find those products. CBD is now available in drug store chains like Walgreens, retail chains like Walmart, beauty supplies like Ulta, and even at Ikea in the form of CBD-infused Swedish meatballs. So what’s all the fuss?

    Well, the fact of the matter is that CBD is a natural compound with amazing properties. No longer being stigmatized by its relationship to sister-plant cannabis, CBD is being recognized as a powerful and important supplement in the journey toward health and wellness. And that’s a very good thing. But here’s the catch: Not all CBD is created equally. 

    You need to be aware and very careful of CBD that:

    • Contains additives. The beauty of real CBD is its purity. But many companies include additives and chemicals and toxins or use sub-optimal extraction processes that can be harmful.
    • Contains THC. THC is a psychoactive compound that creates the “high” feeling. While not only being counterintuitive to the clarity and calmness many CBD users seek, THC can also register on a drug test — creating unexpected problems for the unprepared.
    • Comes in a detrimental product form. When using CBD to promote health and wellness, introducing it into your body in an unhealthy way can be counterproductive. Smoking and vaping can do more harm than good by causing physical damage, as can ingesting your CBD in treats loaded with sugar and other unhealthy ingredients. 
    • Can’t be trusted.  Anyone can claim anything but the real test is whether a CBD product can support their claims through third-party testing and Certificates of Analysis, which create transparency not only in the area of ingredients but also in desired results. 
    • Is inconsistent. Without transparency of ingredients and manufacturing details, your reaction to the CBD can vary. You want positive results each time and every time.

    Why Daily Drops are the Best CBD Oil Tincture

    At Hapsy, we make it our mission to deliver the highest-quality CBD isolate tincture we can with complete transparency. We are honest and upfront about our CBD products. Our Daily Drops are meant to be used whenever needed by placing a dropperful into your favorite beverage or directly under your tongue. We consider our Daily Drops to be the best CBD oil tincture available because:

    • Our Daily Drops are vegan, gluten-free, and have no GMOs. Our CBD is extracted from premium hemp that is locally hand-harvested, straight from the farm, in the USA. We then add in a little bit of pure oil and a little natural flavor — and that is all. 
    • Instead of using the whole plant, Hapsy selectively extracts only the CBD isolate and infuses it into our products. That means zero THC. Zip. Nada. Absolutely none.
    • Our drops are a pure CBD tincture and can support any health and wellness routine. Unlike inhalants or sugar-laden edibles, our CBD oil drops do no harm, only good.
    • Each and every batch is third-party tested, and we provide detailed batch information along with the latest Certificates of Analysis directly on our website to back up our claims. 
    • Unlike some “full-spectrum” or “whole-plant” products, our CBD isolate tincture is formulated from the ground up — meaning we only extract from the specific parts of the hemp plant we desire to create reliable and consistent dosing you can count on. No guesswork. No variability. No stress.

    Hapsy Daily Drops are currently available in two fabulous flavors:

    • Pure Plant – This is our unflavored variety. Pure and delicious, these drops work quickly and efficiently and leave no weird aftertaste in your mouth. Available in a 15ml and 30ml size, it helps to pause the chaos and bring calm to your day.
    • Hint of Mint – Designed with the same high standards as our Pure Plant drops, this formulation adds just a hint of pure peppermint essential oil to add extra refreshment to your beverage or icy coolness to your mouth. Also available in two sizes, depending on your tolerance level and needs. 

    We are a female-owned and cruelty-free company that makes recyclability a top priority. Our products are designed with minimal packaging and made to be discreet enough to be taken with you on the go, wherever you are headed. We have a referral program that benefits not only you but also any friend who could use a little more Hapsiness in their life, and $1 from every purchase is donated to Giving Kitchen, a phenomenal organization that is doing great things in our world. We offer free shipping always, and we make ourselves available for contact if you ever have any questions about our products, dosing, or anything else that can help you to discover your balance within. 

    Whether you are out there in the workforce, a stay-at-home parent, a stressed-out student, or anyone feeling the daily pressures of everyday life, get that quiet boost of confidence to carry you through your day, smooth out the edges, and handle whatever may come your way with ease and grace. Start each day with a goal to Be Hapsy. Give our Daily Drops a try and see for yourself. Hapsy Daily Drops. Functional wellness from the best CBD oil tincture in the palm of your hand.

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