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    420 myths | myths about 420

    Busting 420 Myths and CBD

    Written on April 19, 2022

    Ahhh April. Beyond the showers that will soon bring May flowers and the beauty that accompanies this season of rebirth and regrowth, April is also a big month for…CBD and cannabis consumers. The month of April is infamous for the 4/20 holiday, celebrated for decades. But 420 myths and negative stigmas have continued to follow people who have experienced positive outcomes from using herbal remedies like cannabis and hemp. Myths about 420, hemp, CBD, cannabis, and THC have continued to slow progress in fully adopting these herbs as natural remedies. So we are coming in hot this month to myth bust some of the most damaging 420 myths holding us all back from progress.

    Myth: All CBD products contain THC.

    FALSE. Although some CBD products may contain THC, not all CBD or hemp products contain THC. Depending on the product, the manufacturer, the extraction methods, and the goal of the product, CBD products have a million ways to be formulated. At Hapsy, all of our products are made from isolated CBD, which means our pure CBD products will never contain other cannabinoids like THC. It’s one way we can offer our customers a pure, clean, reliable CBD product every single time. It allows us to serve customers from all over the U.S. without fear of breaking laws or causing unwanted effects from THC.

    Myth: CBD from hemp is different from CBD from cannabis.

    Whether your CBD comes from a cannabis plant or a hemp plant, you’re still consuming CBD. Hemp and cannabis are both technically from the cannabis genus. The distinction is that cannabis plants have higher levels of THC, while hemp carries a lower concentration of THC. It’s one of the many reasons we are ready for myths about 420, cannabis, and hemp to go away.

    Myth: If I take too much CBD, I will get high.

    False. CBD is a wonderful option for supporting stress relief and muscle/joint tension. Although many people report feeling a sense of relief, a calm mood, and general happy feelings, CBD is non-psychoactive in the way that THC is, so you won’t feel high or drunk. Hapsy takes a ground-up approach to formulate our products with isolated CBD. It ensures a consistent result that produces feelings of wellness, so you don’t have to fear feeling unwanted psychoactive effects.

    Myth: CBD and THC consumers are “potheads”.

    This is one of the 420 myths we’d love to cancel for good. It’s 2022. Are we all still dealing with bullying and name-calling? The term “pothead” is rooted in outdated stereotypes. People who consume CBD and THC are just like you and me; real people looking for solutions for their wellness, a change in perspective, pain relief, and, yes…even for fun. It just so happens that women of the baby boomer generation are the fastest-growing demographic of CBD consumers. And we are here for it. Whether you know it or not, you likely know someone who uses CBD or THC to manage their wellness needs. It doesn’t make them potheads, stoners, airheads, losers, dummies, or any other silly name one could think up. What does it make them? Human.

    Myth: Celebrating 4/20 is just for “stoners”.

    You don’t have to be a stoner to celebrate the liberation of plant medicine. You don’t even need to be a hippie! Scientists and medical professionals have preached that food is medicine for hundreds of years, and they’re not wrong. Herbs, plants, flowers, and vegetables have been used to maintain health and treat illness for millennia. The “illegal” nature of cannabis and hemp plants came about less than a hundred years ago, and the history behind it is damning.

    Our relationship with mother earth is deep and intricate. Many people rely on hemp and cannabis products to maintain homeostasis in their bodies — supporting their endocannabinoid system and removing other harsher medications from their regimen. For many people who suffer from debilitating pain or epileptic disorders, it can mean the difference between living a full life and not. We think that’s something to celebrate. We can all appreciate how far the science to understand CBD and other cannabinoids has come.

    Whether you’re new to CBD or an old pro, we hope this 4/20 you’ll consciously make an effort to dispel outdated stereotypes and myths about 420 from your thinking. Instead, let’s support one another with our wellness goals and utilize CBD to find a moment of pause. Ready to stock up? Shop our selection now. Once you’ve experienced the tremendous benefits of a regular CBD regimen, you can choose the convenient option to subscribe to receive your products every 30, 60, or 90 days and save 20%!

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