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    Why Does CBD Oil Turn Pink?

    Written on September 18, 2022

    If you woke up yearning for a good science lesson, we’re here to make your day. Have you ever looked at a bottle of CBD oil and questioned if it had a hint of color to it? It’s not your eyes tricking you. Believe it or not, your tincture is going through an oxidation process causing this change. We’ve had our fair share of instances marveling at this change and realized others may have questions about it too. Let’s go over some of the most common questions about why CBD oil turns pink or orange or other colors. 

    Why is CBD suspended in oil?

    CBD is fat-soluble, which means that it breaks down best when paired with a fat. By suspending CBD in oil like safflower or MCT oil, your body is able to break it down much easier when consumed. It’s also why you’ll commonly see suggestions to take your CBD with a meal. It improves your body’s ability to absorb CBD into the bloodstream and reap the benefits of the cannabinoid faster.

    Why does CBD oil turn pink or change colors?

    Much like in coconut water, when the enzyme PPO is exposed to light, oxygen, or temperature change, it goes through a chemical reaction — oxidation — which results a color change. In fact, other coconut-based products, like MCT oil, will also change color with time. One of the best examples is pink coconut water.

    What makes CBD oil turn pink or other colors?

    The same enzyme that browns banana peels and apple slices is the result of what makes CBD oil turn pink, orange and yellow shades — the exact color depends on the other ingredients. This completely natural process is called enzymatic browning, and it’s caused by the enzyme polyphenol oxidase (PPO). 

    If my CBD oil turns pink or other colors, has it gone bad? 

    Nope! Nothing has “gone bad” just because your CBD oil turns pink, orange, yellow, etc., and it isn’t harmful to consume either. In the instance of pink coconut water, scientists have found that it contains lower levels of manganese and phenolic compounds. Essentially, the antioxidant content in pink coconut water could be less than in coconut water that hasn’t yet gone through the oxidation process, but it still contains essential vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to your body. Same with your CBD oil.

    Do Hapsy tinctures change color?

    At Hapsy, we’ve chosen to use a light safflower oil to suspend our CBD isolate, which has been refined to remove all other cannabinoids, flavonoids, colors (like chlorophyll), and taste. The safflower oil in Hapsy products naturally goes through the same type of oxidation process as MCT oil, and what remains is nature’s natural oxidase reaction — just like we see in pure, not-from-concentrate coconut water (such as Harmless Harvest).

    For comparison, we exposed Hapsy and a well-known CBD brand to light…and then waited. Hapsy turned pretty in pink, the other brand turned orange (scroll up to compare the difference in the photo). Not to worry, the color change does not impact the efficacy of the final product. Hapsy elects to package its Daily Drops in a clear bottle so you can see the proof is in the pudding.

    Can I slow the process of my CBD oil turning pink?

    Though there isn’t much reason to stop this process, you can slow it down if you’d like to by keeping your oil in a cool, dark place. If your tincture is in a location that experiences fluctuations in light and heat, it will oxidize and change color faster. By keeping your bottle in its beautiful, original packaging and in a cool location, you’ll slow the oxidation process and keep your oil colorless for longer. 

    How do I preserve my Hapsy CBD oil for longer? 

    In the same way that we’ve described for CBD suspended in MCT oil, Hapsy CBD tinctures can be preserved longer if they are stored in their original container and kept in a cool, dark place.

    Do you have other questions about CBD oil?

    Are you surprised by what makes CBD oil turn pink? Do you have more questions about your CBD? We want to know what questions YOU have about CBD products and science. Leave a comment below and we will be sure to respond.

    The Hapsy Daily Drop comes in two great flavor options. The Hint of Mint and flavorless Pure Plant tinctures are great for consuming directly or placing in a beverage for an infused take. We swear by our tinctures during moments of stress and chaos to bring our heightened senses back to earth. When our body has had enough, we reach for the Soothe Stick to support aching muscles and joints.

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