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    Hapsy CBD subscription service | CBD monthly subscription

    The Benefits of CBD on Subscription

    Written on March 15, 2022

    As spring kicks off, it’s become apparent that the world is returning to a faster pace. We’ve mentioned it before, but we’ll repeat it — life doesn’t have to return the way it was prior to the pandemic. You can choose the level of re-involvement in the outside world. As we lean into this new way of life, it can still feel stressful. However, when you have a secret weapon that soothes the stress, puts the pep back in your step, and helps you take a moment of pause, the chaos of every day feels a little less overwhelming. Here at Hapsy, we love a good secret weapon or life hack. That’s why we’ve created the #FindYourHapsy challenge, it’s been the focus of a few blog posts, and it’s the inspiration behind our new CBD subscription service. We know firsthand how easy it is to forget to restock the everyday essentials. Things just slip your mind when you’re living life, like refilling your favorite chapstick, toilet paper, hand lotion, or soap when it starts running low. We’ve got your solution — a CBD monthly subscription automated to the speed of your life.

    Save time

    You’ve likely got a lot on your plate. If you have a family or are a caregiver, even more so. Does it feel like you’re running off of seven different lists, three different calendars, and four cups of coffee? We get it. Any type of automation that helps to manage tasks receives a gold star in our book. Since you can’t pick up a Hapsy Soothe Stick or Daily Drop at the grocery store on your weekly run (yet), we wanted to create an easier way to re-order when you’re running low, or heaven forbid, you’ve completely run out. It’s one of the many reasons why we created the CBD monthly subscription option. We’ve made it possible to set your CBD subscription service to 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days. So if you go through your products like clockwork every month, we’ve got you covered with the 30-day CBD subscription service. Does your product last a little longer? Set it for 60 days or 90 days, so you don’t feel like you’re stock-piling. Once you set your CBD monthly subscription, you can forget it. Then sit back and replace your fifth cup of coffee with a glass of water, knowing you have one item on your list checked off in perpetuity.

    Save money

    If saving money isn’t on your priority list, congratulations! You’re living the dream. For the rest of us living our version of the dream, it certainly doesn’t hurt to pay less for things you know you’ll need. When you sign up for a Hapsy CBD subscription, you automatically save 20% on your order every time. And that adds up! It’s like having a built-in promo code for every order. Now, on top of saving time ordering your favorite Hapsy products, you can pocket the extra cash you would have spent on those manual orders. Take a friend out to coffee or buy the kiddos an ice cream cone. Tell them it’s a gift from Hapsy’s CBD subscription service!

    Great gifts

    We love birthdays, but those stinkers keep coming back each year and it seems like everybody and their aunt has one! When you can, it’s nice to personalize a gift based on the intricate details of your loved one’s life. What says “I know you well” AND “you’re getting older (but don’t have to feel like it)” like the gift of the Daily Drop to provide a sense of calm for stressful days or the Soothe Stick for tension-free muscles and joints? We’ll wait while you try to think of a more perfect gift. When you have a CBD subscription you’ll have plenty of opportunities to sneak one of your monthly faves into a gift as a last-minute bonus. 

    Great products arrive on your doorstep

    Hapsy products were created to help everyday people pause to care for their mental and physical health. We use isolate CBD to guarantee our products won’t contain THC. That means you’ll never have to worry about feeling high from our products. We have tons of happy customers who feel the difference.

    Our Daily Drop CBD-infused tincture comes in two flavors and two sizes. The Hint of Mint offers a subtle mint flavor that isn’t overpowering or overwhelming. The Pure Plant is a flavorless option that many people love to add to their beverages or take directly under the tongue. They are available in 15mL or 30mL bottles, great for stocking the pantry/vanity at home and taking one on the go. We’ve made sure the formula remained the same in each size so you can take the guesswork out of dosing when you switch between the two.

    Our Soothe Stick is available in our fan-favorite Hint of Mint and Magnolia scent. They glide on smoothly and leave a soft finish. The fragrance is light and isn’t overpowering. The sensation is a gentle euphoria of relief and a gradual loosening of tension and stiffness. The packaging is reminiscent of a tiny stick of deodorant that fits perfectly in your pocket — unassuming and convenient. 

    Now that you’ve learned the benefits of a CBD subscription, it’s time to shop! Explore our Hapsy products and bundles, and don’t forget to check the CBD monthly subscription button.

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