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    Take Part in the #FindYourHapsy Challenge

    Are you ready for a reset on life?! Pre-pandemic times were hard. Pandemic times? Very…very hard. Wherever we go next, we want to move forward with intention. When we set ourselves up for progress and success, we have more bandwidth to pursue our passions and show up for our loved ones. Maybe you don’t want to return to old habits of 2020. Maybe you feel ready for a different version of you, your family, and your life.

    First, we have to do the hard work of sorting through our *stuff* to create space. The first step in achieving your goals is by making the hard choices, doing the work, and committing to change — that will lead you to whatever definition of success YOU hold. Take the challenge and find your Hapsy! #FindYourHapsy Not sure what hapsiness is, start here!

    find your hapsy | #FindYourHapsy

    Week 1: It all starts with YOU.

    For the first week of the #FindYourHapsy challenge, we are starting with #1 — ourselves. It’s important to start with our personal clutter before moving onto the house and our families. So we will be tackling trash, getting all of our thoughts onto paper, resetting our inbox and phone, and more.

    find your hapsy | #FindYourHapsy

    Week 2: Breaking cycles.

    Week two is all about breaking the bad habits we’ve acquired over time (and the pandemic). Nightcaps, online shopping, and eating take-out are great once in a while, but every night or several times a month and it can become a problem. Let’s get to work on breaking these habits and making room for healthier ones.

    find your hapsy | #FindYourHapsy

    Week 3: Resetting the things you do.

    Week three will rid us of old and unwanted items from several areas of our life and household. A good closet cleanout, fridge reset, and junk-drawer purge are in order. It’s time to donate, throw away, or sell the things that are no longer serving us.
    find your hapsy

    Week 4: Pruning your environment.

    The final week will wrap up our hard work and will put action to any tasks that were uncovered in the previous three weeks. Scheduling maintenance, re-stocking, and planning for the future all take place this week, wrapping up the hard work and setting ourselves up for success moving into September.

    Each week we’ll be featuring YOUR efforts to Find Your Hapsy. Follow @BeHapsy on Instagram, and tag us when you complete a task with @behapsy and #FindYourHapsy to be featured.

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