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    Hapsy 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

    If you’ve tried Hapsy products, you know that giving them as a gift is a great choice. Need help choosing which products to buy for your friends and family? We’ve compiled 6 bundles for the Early Risers, Chaos Coordinators, and everyone in between. The Hapsy 2022 Holiday Gift Guide makes it easier than ever to choose which CBD gift ideas make the most sense for your loved ones. So let’s get started!

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    Why CBD is a great gift for young adults and our elders

    Shopping for your loved ones can feel daunting. You want to gift them something thats meaningful, right for their preferences, or at the very least useful. While completing case studies on all your family members to discover their unique needs and preferences sounds thrilling, maybe the best option is to give the most universal and versatile gift of all – Hapsy CBD tinctures and topicals. Let us explain.

    find an accountability buddy | remember to take CBD | CBD and fitness | how accountability helps goals

    Keeping your CBD plug on the DL is mad sus

    All joking aside, we know young adults are often the hardest to shop for – I mean, it’s tough to stay on trend. But what a young adult needs even more than cool stuff is self-care stuff. People in their 20s are often at a crossroads in their lives- starting their careers, working toward degrees, raising a young family, or even caring for family members who need full-time care. With this newfound adulting comes a variety of stressors, lack of sleep, and the challenges of balancing work and life. The best gift for someone in this phase of life is a natural way to support their endocannabinoid system – reducing stress, tension, and even physical discomfort.

    Hapsy Daily Drop tinctures not only provide a moment of pause, but they help to support functions in the body that help to keep our systems in homeostasis. Reviews from our customers lead us to believe that the stress-reducing benefits of CBD make a true impact on their mental health and overall well-being, and for us, those words reinforce our belief that CBD gifts are the best type of gift for young adults.

    It’s a new era of roaring ‘20s, and hemp is still the right choice

    When the holidays roll around, we gather with our loved ones, parents, and grandparents – some in their 70s, 80s, or 90s – and often hear of the battle scars, aches, and pains that come with all those years of raising their families and gaining wisdom the hard way. It’s precisely at this moment that you may find yourself recounting your own positive experiences of utilizing CBD. A quick pass of the Hapsy Soothe Stick and a moment for a gentle massage are all it takes to bring a stiff stretch of muscle or an achy joint from nagging to un-noticeable. Because CBD is so closely tied to cannabis, people often think CBD will feel like something – like the high from other cannabinoids. However, CBD is unique in that it doesn’t give some euphoria – rather it provides the absence of uncomfortable sensations in the body. If you have experienced chronic pain, you know just how disruptive it can be to your life – your thoughts. When you gift Hapsy CBD tinctures and topicals to your loved ones, the products themselves aren’t the gift. Moments, unchained to pain and discomfort, are the ultimate gift one can give another.

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    The Mixologist

    The essential mocktail combo
    pure Isolate CBD tincture | best cbd oil tincture | cbd oil drops

    The Early Riser

    The dynamic duo to kick-start the day
    pure Isolate CBD tincture | best cbd oil tincture | cbd oil drops

    The Daily Walker

    This bundle keeps those movers shakin’
    pure Isolate CBD tincture | best cbd oil tincture | cbd oil drops

    The Teacher

    3 products, one teacher, a million wishes come true
    pure Isolate CBD tincture | best cbd oil tincture | cbd oil drops

    The Coach

    All the essentials for the best game day
    pure Isolate CBD tincture | best cbd oil tincture | cbd oil drops

    The Chaos Coordinator

    Help (AKA the whole lineup) is on the way

    Hapsy gifts give Santa a run for his money

    When we say that Hapsy is the right gift for everyone on your list, we mean it. People from all walks of life experience stress, and the best way to support wellness from the inside and out (in our opinion) is with Hapsy CBD gifts. When you choose your bundle, all the products will be added to your cart for easy checkout. Now, go on and check your list twice, and then make everyone on your list hapsy!

    10 different ways people use CBD

    daily hemp cbd daily hemp cbd

    Hapsy Daily Drop Tinctures

    • In a hot cup of coffee or tea to start the day
    • Directly under the tongue before leaving the driveway
    • Before a holiday shopping spree
    • In a night cap
    • Pre and post-workout
    • Before a big presentation
    • In a mocktail or cocktail
    • Before play dates
    • To help with a grieving process
    • For a moment of self-care
    soothe stick topical | best cbd oil products | premium cbd oil soothe stick topical | best cbd oil products | premium cbd oil

    Hapsy Soothe Stick

    • On the neck, traps, and shoulders to uncurl rush-hour tension
    • Before and after the daily stroll
    • On the temples during back-to-back meetings
    • All over soles of feet before bed for cloud-like sleep
    • On the lower back to combat sciatic stress
    • Rubbed into knuckles and palms for a new take on mobility
    • As part of a post-bath, pre-bed ritual
    • On or near an injury that could use a little support
    • On painful shin splints during training
    • At the scar site of past surgery