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    Hapsy No-Stress New Year’s Resolutions

    Written on January 24, 2023

    Well, would you look at that?! A whole year lived and a brand new year ahead of us! The days may have felt long, but the year sure felt short. Now, as we look to the next 365 days of adventures and opportunities, it’s time to reflect on the successes and shortcomings of the prior year to set ourselves up for growth. We’ve set the stage for healthy habits and goal-setting with our five Hapsy No-Stress New Year’s Resolutions.

    1. Place health as a primary focus in our decision-making process

      Although we didn’t need the medical catastrophe the world endured the last few years to know how important personal health is, we sure learned the lesson. This year, our health-focused goals are not to walk 10,000 steps, cut calories, or even join a gym (although more power to you for setting actionable goals if these are on your list).

    We decided to dial it out further and focus on health as a starting place for decision-making. Should we take the job that offers great growth opportunities but will have us pulling all-nighters and stress-chugging coffee? Should we do a cocktail hour mid-week with important deadlines looming? Should we reach for the sugary comfort food after every uncomfortable feeling? If we are making the decision from a place of health first, the answer may be no. The compound effect works magic when we focus on small choices and healthy habits. Are you looking for more ways to stay the course? Check out our blog, Consistency: The Key to Seeing Results.

    2. Just say no to diets!

    Look, you’re not alone if you feel uncomfortable in your skin. Many of us have spent more time behind desks, started families, or have fallen into poor coping mechanisms that have added to those feelings. It’s normal, but it shouldn’t drive you to dieting extremes or unhealthy goal-setting.

    Instead, put your focus and intention behind improving the nutrient density of your meals. Aim for meals higher in vitamins and minerals and lower in sodium, sugar, and inflammation triggers (like food colorings, preservatives, and artificial sweeteners). Don’t get this mixed up with the constraints of a traditional diet like keto. Aim for more colorful, nutrient-dense, nature-based foods. Healthy habits happen one small choice at a time.

    3. Practice the polite decline, the thanks but no thanks

    Boundaries are tough. Especially for those of us who identify as over-achievers, parents, students, aspiring professionals, chronic people-pleasers… we could go on. So many of us have become accustomed to taking on more and more without a fair assessment of whether we can take it on without noticeable friction. Hey, we get it! Good people are asked (and often expected) to do it all. We’re here to remind you that you can (and oftentimes should) say no. You don’t have to be in sheer burnout to start saying no. Pause, take Hapsy, and say no. Cheers to setting boundaries in an effort to maintain a healthy balance.

    4. Utilize CBD in place of alcohol, OTC painkillers, or binging behaviors

    The start of the year is a great time to adopt CBD as a substitute for other, more harmful substances. We participate in Dry January each year by providing (and indulging in) simple CBD mocktail beverage recipes. We’ve also developed a routine that has helped us reduce OTC painkiller intake by getting ahead of painful sensations with regular doses of CBD. By incorporating CBD in a daily ritual, you can replace other unhealthy habits with more intentional ones that add up over time.

    5. Set actionable measurable goals if you’re ready for them

    The goals thus far have been intentionally general in nature to give those who need a performative break some no-stress new year’s resolutions. However, if you’re ready for solid goal-setting, we suggest starting with some OKRs. The acronym OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results. When setting your objective (the goal), it should be specific in nature. The key results should be measurable and contain a target number. Here is a great resource if you’d like to learn more about OKRs.

    The new year is a great time to for goal-setting, but if right now feels like a time that you need to be on auto-pilot, that’s OK too. Hapsy no-stress new year’s resolutions for the win! Another way we help our customers to stress less and automate their routines is by offering the Hapsy subscription. Now you can choose your frequency of delivery every 30, 60, or 90 days (all while saving 20%), so your secret weapon is always there when you need it. Happy New Year! To great adventures, memories, and intentions in 2023.

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