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    How to Have a Happy Holiday When You’re Feeling Sad or Overwhelmed

    Written on December 24, 2021

    It may seem odd to need instructions on how to have a happy holiday, but to be honest, sometimes we need help when the holidays feel less than jolly. With sky-high expectations, a mounting list of to-dos, and all the things that come with hosting guests, or existing trauma, many people feel overwhelmed by the holidays. The other grim reality is that many of us have lost loved ones, and the holidays can be a sad reminder that they are no longer with us to celebrate. So, how can we refocus our attention and energy to make the holidays a happy time? CBD products for the holidays might be part of the solution we need! 

    Take time to mourn and grieve, and then find happiness in the present.

    It’s not easy to move on after traumatic, painful or difficult moments in life. The pandemic forced us to miss out on special moments, kept us from (and took) our loved ones and impacted the way we live our lives. Giving ourselves the time, space and permission to grieve is an important step that will lead us to experience joy again. Grieving is not limited to the loss of a loved one. We can grieve the loss of anything that was or is important to us – including our normal way of life. 

    To fully process loss it may be helpful to understand the stages of grief: shock and denial, anger, resentment and guilt, depression and finally acceptance. If you haven’t already, give yourself permission to have a good cry, scream into a pillow, go for a long run. Do whatever will help you to release the pent up emotion. The grieving process is not a linear one, and may take time. So for now, do something to release that emotion, and then refocus on what you are grateful for this season. Gratitude has an immense power to fuel happier feelings and can help us to be present with the loved ones we still have in our lives. 

    Set realistic expectations and go with the flow. 

    If we’ve learned anything from therapy, it’s that expectations have the power to steal our appreciation for reality. It’s easy to confuse goals and plans for expectations. Expectations are a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future. When expectations are aimed at people, it’s a strong belief that someone will or should achieve something. 

    When our expectations are rigid, it leaves little room for the beautiful mistakes and detours that make life interesting and oftentimes fun. Instead of setting sky-high expectations for yourself and others (or allowing others to put their expectations on you) create space for the possibilities and respectfully draw boundaries. Go with the flow. Allow for changes in plans and take the pressure off yourself and everyone around you. The difference will be astounding. If you can, consider some holiday CBD products to make going with the flower just a tad easier! 

    Try not to fret over money. Instead, make a plan. 

    The economy is been hard on us over the last ten years. Between several economic recessions, the pandemic and natural disasters, many of us have been impacted financially. As the holidays approach, we can feel the pressure to spend our hard-earned/saved money on decorations and gifts. But do you know what’s so much better and memorable than a gift? Making memories with the people we love. 

    This year, instead of spending money on stuff, plan a low-cost adventure for you and your family. A trip to a state park with a picnic, complete with road trip games will mean so much more than a toy. Gift your kids with a day at a low-cost or free local attraction, children’s museum or splash pad, and then out to the best ice cream in town. Your quality time and attention is priceless – and so is a fun and positive attitude. With a bit of creativity, you can save money and gift your family with so much more than stuff. 

    At the end of the day, self-care is an essential part of finding joy. 

    With all the things that fill our plates, schedules and minds it makes sense that we may feel overwhelmed. During stressful times we have to remember to put the oxygen mask on ourselves first, so we can assist those around us. For us, the oxygen is a half or full dropper of Hapsy Daily Drop and a nice long massage with the help of the Soothe Stick. Not only are they great tools for coping, but they are wonderful holiday cbd products for the people you love who may be feeling the same way. 

    If you need even more ideas on how to get through the holidays, read our blog post on Three Things to Stock Up on Before the Holidays Arrive (And it’s Not What You Think!) or Ways To Give Back During the Holidays (That Don’t Involve Money). Gift yourself the power of pause and CBD for the holidays. Remember to breathe, take time for self-care and know that it will be ok. We are wishing you a hopeful, healing and hapsy holiday. 


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