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    Boo! Ahh! Holiday Prep is here?!

    Written on October 24, 2022

    The scariest game to play this season is ‘hide and seek’… with holiday planning! Ready or not, here it comes! We know, we know… holiday planning “isn’t supposed to start” until after Halloween. And typically, we’d agree. But this year, it feels like activities have ramped up quicker than in the past, leaving some of us feeling overwhelmed and underprepared. Post-covid catch-up anyone? Don’t get it wrong, we don’t think you should start stringing lights or pulling out stockings. We’re simply suggesting a little extra lead time to make the 2022 holiday season less stressful.

    If the thought of holiday planning sends you under the sheets, cut out two holes and thank us later for the easiest Halloween costume ever. Then come out and breathe the fresh crisp air of preparation. We thought we’d give you a reason to howl (with joy) with some actionable items you can do now to prepare and send you off with a full-blown holiday planning checklist. Here’s how you can get prepped this 2022 holiday season.

    Who’s hosting the holidays this year?

    Before we get to the holiday planning checklists or any next steps, let’s start with a little exercise to check in with ourselves and others. To prepare for the “who’s hosting the holiday get-togethers this year” question, let’s evaluate where we are financially, spiritually and energetically — and then gauge our commitment levels.

    If you’re in a renovation phase, working through relational issues, focusing on your mental health or saving up for a big purchase, the thought of welcoming guests for the holidays may send tension throughout your body and anxiety to your chest — a pretty clear sign that you’re not ready for that commitment.

    Many of us were raised as people-pleasers, which means we often power through and take on more, instead of being honest with what we want or need. Rest. We want to rest.

    We’re approaching the 2022 holiday season with our mental health in mind. So let’s practice self-awareness, open communication, setting healthy boundaries, and breaking free of expectations. That might sound like “This year I’d love to be a guest and pass the hosting torch on!” or “I’m not feeling up to hosting this year, but I’m excited to see who does.”

    You don’t have to get overly personal or dive into the reasons for why. “That’s where I’m at” is fine enough. Maybe another family member or friend with more bandwidth will be thrilled at the opportunity to host.

    If you assess your situation and feel good, you love hosting, and you feel ready and excited by the thought of having friends and family over, you can commit with intention. You can also stock up on some joy with these holiday tips from last year.

    Now, it’s the right time to start a conversation with friends and family. Then read through these holiday planning hacks to kick the season off.

    Holiday planning for the host/hostess

    1. Un-decorate.

    This may be one of our favorite holiday planning hacks. To make a significant impact with holiday decor, you first have to “un-decorate” your regular year-round decor. Bright vibrant florals are beautiful for spring and summer, but from October through January, that vibe feels off. Using the same box(es) you use for your fall decor, take down things here and there to make a room feel festive and not cluttered. When it’s time to swap back, you know where to find everything!

    2. Start thinking about the holiday menu

    You don’t have to plan every recipe in advance (though you certainly *can*), but planning out general dishes, desserts, and beverages will help get a few big things out of the way before the holiday season ramps up. First, it helps you to plan how many bowls, serving dishes, drink dispensers, and other serving dinnerware you’ll need. With a few weeks to prep, you’ll have time to buy, borrow, or thrift the necessary pieces.

    3. Complete any important lingering projects

    If you’re playing host for holiday festivities, now is the time to complete projects so you don’t have scheduling issues. If the dishwasher needs replacing, the deck needs power washing, or a big work project is vying for your attention, try to prioritize it now so you can be completely present during the holidays.

    Holiday planning for the attendee

    1. Plan ahead for travel

    Whether you’re staying local or traveling afar, there may be a few things to think through now. First, will pets need a place to stay or require a caretaker while you travel? Line plans up before kennels are booked or people commit to plans. How long will you be away?

    If you plan to be away for several days, try to leave the house clean — no dishes in the sink, no trash in the bins, no litter left in the box, and no perishables in the fridge. You’ll be happier coming home to a house that doesn’t smell of garbage. Consider security cameras to feel at ease. And finally, make arrangements for any packages or important mail that may arrive while you’re away.

    2. Prepare to bring a dish to pass or a gift for the host

    Just because you aren’t hosting doesn’t mean you can show up empty-handed. Ask the event host if you can bring a specific dish to pass or other supplies. If you won’t have time to make something yourself, be prepared with pre-made options to bring.

    Great host gifts could include a bottle of their favorite beverage and a case of refreshments for the party. A beautiful centerpiece that follows the party theme. Local or handmade artisan goods, or jars of your homemade delectables from this year’s harvest. Either way, plan and stock up before the holidays take off.

    3. Plan for the weather

    Before you travel, consider the weather conditions and prepare. If you’ll be traveling to colder climates, head to your favorite outfitters before the holiday season starts to grab the best deals on last year’s inventory. If you’ll be traveling to warmer climates, shop for end-of-season sales or go online. As the holiday season picks up, shipping may take longer. Now is the best time to prep.

    For host and attendee

    As always, the Hapsy Daily Drop is the perfect host gift and the best sidekick — and may just top the list of the best holiday planning hacks. Prepare for the holidays by stocking up to ensure any stressful moments can be washed away by the warm, delicate flavors of the Hint of Mint and lightly-sweetened Pure Plant tincture. Consume a few drops directly or mix into your beverage of choice. We swear by our tinctures during moments of stress and chaos to bring our heightened senses back to earth. When stress turns into muscle aches, we reach for the Soothe Stick to support us right where we need it. Ready for that holiday planning checklist? Look no further.

    Prepare for the holidays and beyond with Hapsy

    Now, we’ve made restocking your Hapsy products even easier with Hapsy on subscription. Set it and forget it. Choose your frequency of delivery every 30, 60, or 90 days — all while saving 20%. Ready for an even bigger sale? Our holiday season-long sale is just days away!

    Download the Hapsy Holiday Planning Checklist

    Who doesn’t love some good holiday planning hacks?! Prepare for the 2022 Holiday season now, so you can focus on the joy the rest of the season!

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