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    10 Hostess Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

    Written on November 15, 2022

    Although you may still be reeling from the shock that we are approaching year-end, it’s time to prep for the season of gatherings, which is indeed upon us. Whether you’re hosting or attending celebrations, we can likely all agree on one thing — guests that come prepared with a hosting gift are the gems of this world and should be cherished as such. With all the time, effort, planning, and stress that comes with hosting, the gesture of gifting the host is such a kind and thoughtful way to say thank you that takes just a little effort but goes such a long way. To make it easier to give a holiday hosting gift this year, we have compiled a thoughtful list of hostess gift ideas that will make any hostess or host smile. Right now is the best time to stock up on these small tokens of appreciation, so when the time comes to run out the door, you’re not kicking yourself for forgetting and ensuring you’ll be late. (Looking for other gift ideas? Check out the Hapsy Holiday Gift Guide!)

    A Striking Centerpiece or Bouquet

    Whether the host has pulled out all the stops on decor or the frills have fallen to the bottom of the list, a beautiful centerpiece or bouquet makes for an eye-catching addition to the festivities. This is a hosting gift that feels special to give and receive.

    The Gift of Hapsy

    Although hosting can be fun and rewarding, it also requires extra effort and energy. The Hapsy Soothe Stick and Daily Drop are impactful gifts that provide a moment of pause and self-care for the hostess. Removing painful tension and anxiousness may be one of the best gift ideas for a host that shouldn’t be overlooked.

    A Seasoning Sampler

    An easy gift to grab but a delightful holiday hosting gift, a seasoning sampler adds new and different flavors to a cooking enthusiast’s pantry. Brands like Flavor God create unique and exciting flavors to experiment with for both sweet and savory recipes.

    Decorative Napkins

    Who doesn’t need a pack or two of festive napkins to spruce up the tablescape? In the spirit of supporting small businesses, we encourage you to stop by your local home decor boutique to find something beautiful and classic for a simple yet festive holiday hosting gift.

    A Bottle of Wine, Spirit, or Festive Drink

    There’s nothing more classic than a bottle of red, a barrel-aged whiskey, or a traditional non-alcoholic holiday drink like hot chocolate or non-alc eggnog. It’s thoughtful, it’s generous, and it guarantees a future moment of celebration with great libations. Share our delicious mocktail recipes with the host.

    A Family-Friendly Game

    While this list is intended to inspire great gift ideas for a host, this one is really a great gift for the whole family. In true holiday spirit, a family-friendly game offers an opportunity to get everyone involved in the fun. It’s an easy way to shift the adults from heated conversations regarding the state of the world and the kids from spiraling into a bickering mess tornado. Give the whole family an opportunity to create fun memories together that will be retold for years to come.

    Assorted Treats, Chocolates, or Caramels

    Although assorted candies may be a more basic holiday hosting gift, let’s not underrate their impact. Holiday treats can be stowed away for mom and dad to indulge in or be shared with future guests or family. A true holiday gift that cannot be overlooked.

    Unique Coasters

    Holiday messes are to be expected, but everlasting coaster rings should not be a holiday soiree-hosting prize. Unique coasters are a holiday win because they can be placed throughout the house wherever guests may congregate. Try Etsy for a ton of options, and consider customizing with a monogram or sentiment.

    Serving Dishes or Cheese knives

    A host can never have too many serving bowls, trays, or dishes. For larger gatherings, hosts may find themselves running low — that is until you arrive. This is one of the best gift ideas for a host because they can be used in the moment and cherished for years to come.

    A Gift Card

    While thoughtful gifts like the ones above are great, just as wonderful is the gift of pre-paid shopping runs. Of course there are always the big box brands, but consider a local grocery store or coffee shop, and add a card that says, “I love you so much, I’ll let you pick your own gift.”

    Don’t Forget to Gift Yourself this Season!

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