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    Talk to Your Friends About CBD

    Written on September 28, 2021

    When it comes to good things, it’s only natural that we would want to spread the love with our friends and family. Talking to those around us about our interests shouldn’t have to feel intimidating; however, some topics still carry some stigma and it may be tough to know how to bring them up. You may be excited to share your CBD routine with your friends, but you may not know how to talk about CBD.

    CBD is a mild option that many people utilize to help them through their day. Unfortunately, many more people have been given misinformation for decades. CBD’s relative, cannabis, still faces intense stigma and prohibition, so it makes sense that people still feel hesitant to discuss it or incorporate it into their lives. Luckily, we now have an abundance of educational information and studies that help to show the effectiveness and safety of CBD. If you’re wondering how to talk about CBD within your circle, here are a few tools to help.  

    When discussing CBD with your friends and family: 

    • Pick the right time
    • Read the Room
    • Ask Questions & Use Active Listening
    • Bring your Resources & Stick to Facts
    • Don’t Push
    • Refrain from Getting Emotional
    • Be Patient

    Read the Room

    Before you dive into the conversation, it may be helpful to understand the level of comfortability and understanding your friend or family member has regarding the topic of CBD. While some people feel it’s no big deal, others may still hold stigmas around it. Having a general understanding of their current position will help you to prepare to talk about it when the time is right. A simple question like “Have you heard of CBD?” followed up with “What are your thoughts about it?” will help you to understand where they’re at, so you can meet them there.

    Pick the Right Time to Share a CBD Lifestyle

    Talking about new or taboo topics can feel intimidating, but finding the appropriate time can make these conversations easier. Depending on who you are talking to, you may want to avoid bringing up the topic of CBD at or near their workplace, in front of relatives, or at a stressful time. The set and setting are just as important when discussing CBD as it is while consuming CBD. Are you and your friend in the right headspace? Are you in a safe and carefree environment? By ensuring you are in a comfortable and stress-free environment, you’ll better your chances of a calm and successful conversation.

    Ask Questions & Use Active Listening

    In any conversation, it’s good practice to ask genuine questions and use tools of active listening to understand both verbal and non-verbal queues. Sometimes we can learn more nuanced things about a person or their views by their body language. Active listening can be broken down into these 6 steps. 

    1. Paying attention
    2. Withholding judgment
    3. Reflecting
    4. Clarifying
    5. Summarizing
    6. Sharing

    When you use these tools you open the doors of trust, understanding, and empathy. 

    Bring your Resources & Stick to Facts

    You don’t have to be an expert on a CBD lifestyle to start conversations with your friends, but it does help to be educated so you can have a meaningful conversation. Some wonderful resources to find factual information regarding CBD and plant medicine include Project CBD, Green Flower, CBD School, and of course, our blog. Share your opinions, but be sure not to exaggerate the benefits of CBD. It’s not a good idea to overpromise because that may impact their experience with it down the road.

    Don’t Push

    As much as you want your loved ones to experience the benefits of CBD, they need to be comfortable with making the choice for themselves. By giving them resources, talking about your own personal experiences, and offering to chat through their concerns with them, you give them some confidence – so taking the leap doesn’t seem so scary after all. When they are ready, they will take that step or maybe they’ll feel comfortable asking for your help. 

    Refrain from Getting Emotional

    Sometimes people aren’t ready for the things we are, and that’s ok! Instead of getting frustrated or outwardly upset with them, give them time to soak the information in. Stay neutral. No one likes to be on the receiving end of anger or criticism, or intense pressure and over-assurance, but many people feel empowered by knowing they have someone that is unbiased and non-judgmental to talk to. 

    Be Patient

    Sometimes things take time. Just because someone isn’t ready now, doesn’t mean they won’t be later. Be patient and be a reliable source of support and quality information. You never know how your support will help others in the long run. 

    Giving Your Friend a Wink and a Nudge

    At Hapsy, we know sharing CBD with friends is a natural part of your own CBD lifestyle.  That’s why we’ve created winks & nudges – a special discount you can share with your friends! Sign up for your own code to give your friend $10 off their purchase, and get $10 for your next purchase too! Sharing the benefits of CBD is good for everyone.

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