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    Host Like a Pro with Summer Party Tips and a Calming Citrus Cocktail

    Written on June 9, 2022

    If there’s one thing that lights us up during these warm sunny months, it’s the mention of a great summer party or poolside BBQ. The kids are busy launching water balloons, dads are talkin’ shop and sharing unsolicited grill tips, and the ladies are clad in their summer sunnies, reveling in the fact that these will someday be referred to as “the good ol’ days.” We can’t think of many things that top it. But if you’re up next to throw a party this summer, you may be sweating. Pause your search for party hosting tips and the best party cocktails to serve your guests. We’ve got party tricks and trendy cocktail tips at the ready to make your next summer bash a great one.

    Offer a signature trendy cocktail

    When you attend a summer party, you expect refreshments. But one thing that’s a total buzzkill is parents getting a little too turnt, burnt, and hangover hurt. We love an opportunity to let loose, but we’ve found a better way — indulge in delicious hand-crafted mocktails that actually boost your system instead of stealing from it. In the spirit of summery flavors, we’ve created the Hapsy Calming Citrus Cocktail to add to your list of the best party cocktails for summer 2022.

    Hapsy Calming Citrus Cocktail

    1.5 oz fresh orange juice
    0.5 oz fresh lemon juice
    0.5 oz fresh lime juice
    ⅛ tsp simple syrup
    40mg (1 full dropper) Hapsy Daily Drop Pure Plant
    5 oz sparkling water lime or orange slice for garnish

    Directions: In a cocktail glass with ice, pour shaken juices, simple syrup, and Hapsy. Top with sparkling water and garnish with an orange or lime slice. 

    We hope you enjoy the Hapsy Calming Citrus Cocktail. Let us know if it made it onto your list of the best party cocktails. Looking for another trendy cocktail for your party? Check out these favorites from last month.

    Save time and the environment — don’t overdo the decor

    Look, we love a good soiree, but there’s also something to be said for a paired down party that not only saves you hours of extra effort but also saves the environment from unnecessary, one-time use decor that immediately goes in the trash. When you’re ready to throw a party, use these party hosting tips for a festive look without the waste:

    • Use mason jars instead of plastic cups. Add festive tape for names.
    • Go floral with simple bouquets to adorn the table — go with store bought or utilize homegrown florals (more on that next).
    • Get out the colorful cloth napkins instead of wasting rolls upon rolls of paper towels or stacks of napkins.
    • Use pool floaties in your decor. It’s festive and can be used throughout the summer during your water adventures.
    • Make infused waters, charcuterie boards, grazing tables, or food platters center stage with beautiful creations that serve as decor too.
    • Create festive tassel garlands or bunting with colorful old sheets or clothing that was destined for the dump.
    • Drape fabric and flowers for a luxury touch without waste.

    Gifts from the garden

    A few weeks before you throw a party, consider the state of your garden and how you can utilize your homegrown greenery for the party! Are you a gardener with overgrown plants that need propagating? In the month before your summer shindig, pick up some estate sale vases, jars, or cups for your cuttings. After you propagate and allow for your cuttings to form new roots, plant them in the cups. They will be a wonderfully personal touch that can be gifted to attendees, leaving a lasting impression. If you don’t have the garden, time, or energy to make that a reality, grab a small pallet of little succulent plants for the same results.

    Delegate a co-host

    On the top of our party hosting tips list is delegating a co-host. There’s nothing like a helping hand, especially for occasions that are about having fun and living in the moment. We know it can be tough to ask for help, but there’s no shame in the co-hosting game! Not only is it an opportunity for bonding, but paired with the Hapsy Daily Drop, it will help to bring down your stress levels.

    Hapsy’s not-so-secret party hosting tips

    No matter the party theme or occasion, don’t forget to bring your not-so-secret secret weapon for staying calm and collected. Hapsy Soothe Sticks and the Hapsy Daily Drop are sized perfectly to take with you to your next summer party. We’ve made restocking on your Hapsy products even easier with Hapsy on subscription. Set it and forget it this summer. Choose your frequency of delivery every 30, 60, or 90 days — all while saving 20%. Cheers!

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