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    post-pandemic reset

    Why a Post-Pandemic Reset is Important for Your Mental Health

    Written on August 13, 2021

    It was March 2020 when the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic. And here we are almost a year and a half later and I have some news that some people are not going to be happy to hear — The world is not going back to normal. Ever. But here’s the thing — That’s okay. Normalcy is not always a good thing. And change is not only a necessary part of life, sometimes it can be the best thing for you. Change pushes us out of our comfort zone and allows room for growth. Change gives us the opportunity to discover who we really are, makes us more flexible and adaptable, and even allows us to have more fun! Now, I get it — fun is not a word we really associate with the pandemic — and if given a choice, I don’t think anyone would have chosen for all of this to happen — but happen it did. And now all of us have to deal with the aftermath. And attitude is everything. So yes, of course, mourn the losses we all, individually and as a community, have experienced. That is important. But then, even more importantly — start making a game plan for a positive future with a post-pandemic reset.

    Post-Pandemic Life

    We’ve gotten used to the seclusion and safety protocols surrounding COVID-19. As the world starts to re-open, and children return to school and adults return to the workplace, reintegrating into society may be difficult for those dealing with anxiety and depression. It is important that we be intentional in how we rebuild our lives in life after quarantine. The pandemic left us with a great deal of emotional disorientation – most of us didn’t understand what was happening to us nor the people around us. In addition to exacerbating any pre-existing mental health issues, the pandemic caused increased depression, anxiety, and chronic stress. Social isolation, existential fear, and unstable moods shattered any peace we had and wore everyone down. We became both physically and emotionally overwhelmed and most of us did not have enough resources to feel safe. Healing from trauma takes time, and often it takes professional help.  Statistics show that one in four people seeking therapy in this past year is coming in for the first time. The pandemic has changed us. And taking care of our mental health is critical at this juncture.

    Reclaiming Emotional Equilibrium

    Yes, the world is different now. We are different now. But just like a phoenix rising from the ashes, we can overcome with our post-pandemic reset. There is hope. And there are definite and distinct steps that one can take each and every day to feel better in body, mind, and spirit.

    • Create a reliable morning routine to anchor your day. Try to develop healthy activities that you do every morning to start you day off right. This can include things like exercise, yoga, meditation, prayer, or even just conversations with friends or listening to podcasts — anything that fills your cup. Anchoring yourself first thing in the morning provides a sense of well-being and the feeling that all is well.
    • Connect with others. Make a concrete effort to stay in touch with the important people in your life. Reaching out to others, even as little as one person a day, can really help to reduce the feeling of isolation. Interacting virtually is the next best thing to meeting in person — but research has shown that social networking can actually have negative effects on mental health. So skip the posting on Facebook or Instagram and instead focus more on phone calls and video chats. As the saying goes, quality over quantity.
    • Make healthy choices. The pandemic brought a lot of dietary and nutrition issues to the surface as people tried to anesthetize themselves with food and found themselves “gaining the Covid 19”, or even more. Now is the time to find alternative ways to feel satisfied, and seek out the help of a nutritionist or registered dietician if needed. It’s also imperative after so much time being quarantined and forced to be sedentary to find ways to simply move your body. Regular exercise can boost your spirits while helping you stay or get back in shape. 30 minutes a day can make a world of difference. Getting outside and breathing fresh air is optimal but just do what you can. Set small doable exercise goals and meet them. Make it a priority to focus on sleep restoration. Experience the difference that a good night’s sleep can have on your emotional endurance and ability to function. Make it your mission to find and maintain a healthy mindset.
    • Make fun a priority. Give yourself permission to enjoy life. It’s really important to find healthy ways to have fun. There are all sorts of opportunities to enjoy online programs and activities that include museum events, cultural events, and opera — and many musicians and entertainers have posted their YouTube performances in this post-pandemic era. Better yet; you can get creative yourself by picking up your own instrument or paintbrush or embroidery loop. You can get crafty or creative with carpentry or gardening as well as art and music.
    • Stay present with mindfulness and meditation. Staying in the present moment is a great way to stave off the fear of what could happen in a future that you cannot control. Reminding yourself that everything is going to be okay can help keep anxiety at bay. There are some great videos online highlighting mindfulness and meditation, and a plethora of apps available — but the simple act of pausing and taking a few deep cleansing breaths in and out can be enough to work wonders.
    • Get Hapsy. Find your balance within by making use of one or more of the high-quality hemp CBD solutions available from Hapsy. With mild and comforting effects, Hapsy products can be utilized any time of day when you need to put your mind at ease and simply appreciate the moment. Hapsy products are portable, easy to use, and discreetly packaged to give you that quiet boost of confidence to carry on with your day. Because of the scentless nature of the isolated CBD in Hapsy products, they are discreet and odorless and you never have to fear smelling like hemp or cannabis. With Daily Drops in Pure Plant or Hint of Mint varieties or Soothe Sticks in both Magnolia or Hint of Mint scent-sations, Hapsy provides you with the perfect way to find that elusive pause in the chaos and handle it with grace.

    Choosing Gratitude in Your Post-Pandemic Reset

    No, things will never be exactly the same as they once were. But we are blessed to be alive and hopefully have a long future ahead to handle our post-pandemic reset. How we face that future is up to us. There really is so much beauty in the world. Think of all the things you have to be grateful for. List them in your head before you go to sleep at night, or write them in a journal so you can literally gaze upon all your blessings. When given the option, choose joy. Choose love. Choose hope.

    Be present. Be balanced. Be Hapsy.

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