The Mixologist Bundle
Daily Drop Hint of Mint 1200mg + Daily Drop Pure Plant 1200mg

Many people utilize Hapsy tinctures in their regimen by simply dropping it under their tongue – a fine way to consume it. But did you know that Hapsy works well in beverages? This is a game changer for mixologists, home bartenders, the sober-curious, or anyone who enjoys multi-tasking with their beverages. A quick dropper into a hot or cold beverage, a good shake or stir, and you’re ready to enjoy a CBD-infused beverage.

Think of the possibilities! Shakes, smoothies, coffees, teas, cocktails, mocktails, hot toddies!

If you know someone who loves to host and create unique and delicious beverages, the Mixologist bundle is a great gift. This is that one family member or friend with the magical touch. A drop of this, a dash of that, and they’ve concocted a craft beverage worthy of a spot on Drink Masters. They’ve made simple syrups, infused sugar rims, muddled herbs and berries, you name it. But have they infused their beverages with premium isolated CBD? For those who are trying to cut back on alcohol but can’t part with the ritual of imbibing, transitioning to a CBD-infused beverage may be the perfect option to remove alcohol and replace it with the beneficial characteristics of CBD.

This holiday season get the Mixologist bundle, which comes with:

  • Daily Drop Hint of Mint 1200mg – the large bottle size
  • Daily Drop Pure Plant 1200mg – the large bottle size

With the large bottles, you’ll have 30 servings of 40mg doses (full droppers) or 60 servings of 20mg doses (half dropper). That means you or your loved one could have a full dose every day for a month, or a half dose every day for 2 months. With the Mixologist bundle, you could throw a party with 120 people and every person could enjoy 20mg of CBD in their beverage. Wow, what a host.

Once you’ve secured your bundle, grab this 5-piece Bar Tool Set to really elevate their (or your) mixology game.

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5-Piece Bar Tool Set

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  • How to Use
    Daily Drop: Shake well. Add a dropper full into your favorite beverage and enjoy. For faster results, place liquid under your tongue, holding for 30 seconds. Swallow and repeat if desired.
  • Ingredients

    Daily Drop: Cannabis Sativa L. Extract, organic safflower seed oil, peppermint essential oil, sweetness enhancer (natural and artificial), CBD Isolate.

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