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    summer bucket list ideas | summer bucket list 2022 | restful summer activities

    Rethink the Summer Bucket List & Bond Without the Chaos!

    Written on May 24, 2022

    Summer is just around the corner, which means many of us are in summer planning mode. So much to do and so many places to go, amirite?! Queue the summer bucket list 2022. But wait… what if we threw out the summer bucket list and tried a new approach this summer? Instead of racing through the days with places to be, play dates, and more, maybe we shoot for some more restful summer activities that support mental health for the whole family.

    Planning a summer filled with activities isn’t a bad thing. In fact, we know it’s out of the intense love for your family and children that inspires summers filled with activities and experiences. However, memories and beautiful moments of bonding don’t require the fast-paced plans we think they do. Let’s talk about summer bucket list ideas that look a little different than your typical jam-packed summer.

    Devices — indulge or abstain — both can be OK!

    Screen time is a tough topic. The last two years made screen time a necessary evil, but with the world opening back up and kids returning to school, parents are trying to reign in the time spent on devices. Setting boundaries around the amount of TV and social media is important in protecting their (and your) downtime from becoming mechanisms for avoidance, coping, or addiction. But sometimes it’s OK to indulge too. The key here is intentionality. Would it really be so bad for your tween to spend an hour or so playing (age-appropriate) video games and watching movies? It’s the summer after all.  A safe way to let them indulge is to provide a list of approved games and/or movies.  We love Common Sense Media for helping us understand what is age-appropriate TV, movies, podcasts, and video games.

    Spend time at home, sans plans

    There is something to be said for spontaneity or boredom. Actually, there is a LOT to be said about being bored!  It is scientifically proven that boredom can lead to brilliance. I’m sure some parents read this and think “Oh goodness, out of boredom comes trouble” and that may also be true, so having options for play is a great baseline. Lightly planning more restful summer activities allows you to take a breath and enjoy the mundane. When you start to get stir crazy, grab your bottle of Hapsy and head to the next activity — even if it is a simple stargazing night in the backyard.

    Spending time outdoors doesn’t have to require a big trip

    Can’t plan a huge vacation? Let’s celebrate the staycation. Trips to National and State parks are wonderful and regularly top the summer bucket list ideas. If you’re the one responsible for getting everyone to and from the destination safely, chances are you’re not coming out of the vacation feeling rested. If that’s your goal, it may be time to pair down your plans.

    Checking the box next to those iconic landmarks is great for family milestones, but our summer bucket list 2022 involves more trips to the backyard and lesser traveled national parks and county trails. With so much to explore locally, it would be a shame to miss out on the beauty in our own backyards because we’re chasing the adventure beyond the horizon. With less planning and fewer miles, you may save enough time to explore and relax with much less effort. There’s something beautiful about finding the adventure in your neighborhood. It connects you to your home in a whole new way.

    Take time to invest in your hobbies

    Are there things you once loved to do, but they’ve taken a backseat now that you’re consumed with adulting? Time to bring it back to life. Paint, draw, run, hike, sling pottery, dance, knit, read, play, garden. When it comes to our summer bucket list 2022, we’re topping our list with investing in the things that bring us joy. Doing things you love can reinvigorate you when you’re feeling burnt out, stuck, or just plain overworked. Investing in some YOU time allows you to be more present when it comes time to care for others.

    As spring wraps up, we hope your summer bucket list ideas look a little different. We challenge you this summer to find your “hapsy” in the mundane, the simple, the local. With a list of restful summer activities, you’ll spend more time enjoying your family and the time you have with one another instead of overbooking your calendar. Don’t forget to bring your not-so-secret secret weapon for staying calm and collected with you. Hapsy Soothe Sticks and the Hapsy Daily Drop are sized perfectly to take with you on your local adventures, and we’ve made restocking on your Hapsy products even easier with Hapsy on subscription. Set it and forget it this summer. Choose your frequency of delivery every 30, 60, or 90 days — all while saving 20%.