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    Time Hacks and Routines for a Successful Week

    Written on January 19, 2022

    Your halls were decked. Your bells jingled all the way. The wrapping paper found its real purpose as living room ammunition. After the ball had dropped and the final sounds of glasses clinking died out, you may have felt both relieved that it was all over and yet sad it was done. Now that you’ve had some time to breathe after the holidays, do you feel refueled or disorganized? Life will keep speeding ahead, so let’s slow it down now and establish some new habits to make the year ahead a productive and efficient one. With some properly structured routines — CBD rituals included — you can set yourself and your family up for success and less stress. So let’s regroup, reassess, and re-formulate for the new year and beyond.

    Adding CBD to your routine

    What derails plans faster than pain? You’ve likely been there before. You have big plans when *BAM* a migraine hits you like a ton of bricks. Or maybe it’s your neck, back, or an existing injury that suddenly feels like a new one. Flare-ups shouldn’t control our lives. It’s one of the main reasons why adding CBD to your routine can be a game changer. CBD rituals are great for keeping you moving throughout your week without having to overthink it. We like to keep a few bottles of Daily Drop and several Soothe Sticks around as a part of our self-care CBD routine. Consider adding a few drops to your coffee or morning beverage. Throw a bottle in your bag for easy on-the-go dosing during the day. Then, keep a soothe stick in all the places you’ll find convenient when an ache or pain comes up. Adding CBD to your routine isn’t complicated when it’s a part of your daily CBD rituals.

    January is usually when people promise to get back on track with their physical health. But, your train may have been OFF THE RAILS due to this pandemic. That means super sore muscles and some achy joints when you start back up again. The soothe stick is a great way to aid your recovery to keep progress moving forward. So whether you’re experiencing work-out pains or just plain ol’ everyday aches, get your self-care CBD setup ready so they won’t interrupt your day.

    The brain dump

    Many creatives and Type-As alike know the power of the brain dump. When the chaos is up in your head, there’s little room for smooth operating. That’s why we love to get it all down on paper. Some like to organize their brain dump and others prefer to get it all down first. Write down on paper the to-dos, the grocery items you’ve run out of, the reminders and upcoming birthdays, the class schedule changes, or work reminders. Once you get it all down, you get a better picture of the tasks at hand and can plan how to incorporate them into your schedule. Do a big brain dump on Sundays (more on that later), or each day. There’s no limit to the dumps you can take.

    That was a test… If you didn’t laugh at that, now may be the perfect time for a little self-care CBD to lighten the mood.

    Meal prepping

    If you enjoy making your meals fresh each day, we applaud you. The effort and creativity it takes to make meals on the fly are both overwhelming and impressive all at the same time. If you’re looking to cut back on the frequency of making meals from scratch during the week (and washing the dishes that come with it), then meal prepping may be the answer.

    The key to meal prepping is pre-planning your meals for the week. When you know what you’ll be cooking, it dictates what will go on the grocery list and cuts down on unnecessary food waste.

    There are several ways to meal prep. You can pre-assemble recipe ingredients in a Ziplock bag without cooking them, and freeze them for fast crockpot meals throughout the week. Batch cooking is a method where you pre-make all your meals in advance and then portion them out for the week ahead. If you’ve made more than you think will be consumed in the week, save the rest in the freezer. If you like your meals fresh, but the process takes too long each day, prep all of your ingredients in advance when you return home from the grocery store. Having your vegetables washed, chopped, and prepared in advance will cut down on the overall cooking time each night.

    Sunday funday

    Sundays are a big day for planning, restocking, and prepping for the week ahead. This falls under a tactic called day theming. Some people find it’s best to use day theming to keep their time more focused and assign specific tasks to one day, so it doesn’t consume time from each day. On Sundays, we utilize the day to:

    • Plan the meals for the week and create a grocery list
    • Take inventory of necessities that need replenishing
    • Do a brain dump
    • Grocery shop/run errands
    • Meal prep
    • Clean the cat litter or pick up the dog droppings in the yard
    • Double-check family schedules and write dates/times in your calendar of choice
    • Get kids school-ready (backpacks packed, lunches set, parents signatures, clothes picked)

    The benefits of time-blocking

    The last two years have made our schedules look a bit… different than they used to. One way to get some structure back is to use a method called time-blocking. This method of time management creates blocks of time throughout the day for specific tasks — instead of bouncing between tasks all day. This method is meant to help you stay focused and to accomplish more tasks because of it. Here’s an example of a Sunday utilizing time-blocking:

    • 7am–9am: Family time
    • 9am–11am: Brain dump & take inventory (+ Hapsy to focus!)
    • 11am–12pm: Meal plan
    • 12pm–3pm: Grocery shop & run errands
    • 3pm–6pm: Re-stock & meal prep
    • 6pm–9pm: Dinner & family time (+ Hapsy to help you get to sleep!)
    • 9pm–10pm: Self-care & wind down time

    By sticking to your time blocks, you’ll be able to stay organized and accomplish more. Taking the guesswork out of your day can alleviate some of the stress that comes with running the show.

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