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    how to survive a wedding | wedding survival tips | how to avoid alcohol at a party | how to stay sober at a wedding

    Top Wedding Survival Tips + How to Make It Through Without a Cocktail

    Written on July 27, 2022

    Get out your dancing shoes ‘cause we are in the thick of wedding season. If the outside of your fridge is littered with save-the-dates and wedding invites, you’ll need a game plan to make the most of wedding season. We’ve compiled a list of wedding survival tips that touch on finances, kiddos and how to stay sober at a wedding to help you celebrate without sacrificing the things that mean the most to you. 

    If you’re one of the thousands of adults consciously reducing their alcohol intake this year, attending social events while sober will be new territory. The temptation to drink will be worse without a game plan, so let’s start with our first tip on how to avoid alcohol at a party or how to stay sober at a wedding. 

    1. Come prepared with a mocktail recipe

    The answer to how to avoid alcohol at a party is all in the mocktail. Aside from obvious non-alcoholic alternatives like still and sparkling water, tonics, NA seltzers, juices, and soda, there are many “virgin” cocktails or mocktails that taste just as great without the alcohol. If you’re wondering how to stay sober at a wedding, we suggest coming prepared with a few mocktail recipes the bartender can make and bring your Hapsy Daily Drop to add an extra layer of benefits to your beverage. With a flavorless option and the hint of mint flavor, you can mix and match with your favorite mocktails. 

    We’ve created recipes like the Mint Julep, the Calming Citrus Mocktail, and the Cranberry Lemon Spritz CBD Mocktail so you have options. With a CBD mocktail you’ll get that calm subtle smoothness from CBD, you still get to enjoy the flavors of your favorite beverages, and you’ll feel an extra boost knowing you won’t be hungover the next day. Just a friendly reminder — don’t let anyone tell you you’re extra for being prepared with alternatives. Your health is YOUR business. Period. 

    2. Drink…water

    As far as wedding survival tips go, we feel like this one has been underrated. Whether you’re drinking alcoholic beverages and planning how to stay sober at a wedding or you’re skipping the bar, it’s important to stay hydrated. With fast-paced timelines, lots of dancing, and the summer heat and sun, you’ll need to stay hydrated to ensure you don’t end up feeling ill — or worse. If you’re not into drinking plastic-bottled water, bring a cute water bottle you can refill and keep close by. Frankly, the idea of bringing a Stanley Quencher Travel Tumbler to a wedding is quite the flex 😉

    3. Rack up the points

    If you’re buying wedding gifts, consider using a credit card that gives you points for your purchases. Make a plan to pay it off immediately, so you reap the rewards to the fullest. Check with your credit card providers to see if there are any rewards perks you can tap into – especially if you plan on traveling to a wedding. If you’re a part of the bridal party and know you’ll be spending quite a bit, consider getting a new credit card that has travel perks and an intro period that will reward your spending. You might as well benefit if you’re going to be spending the money anyway, but planning is key. Not sure what card is the best these days?  Check out what The Points Guy is recommending for some good ideas.

    4. Make a safety plan

    If you have kids and plan to attend the wedding(s) sans children, check off some safety musts. If you’re an anxious parent, this one is a wedding survival tip must. Obviously, start with securing a babysitter you trust. 

    A few lists can help to put your mind at ease. Make an emergency contact list (grandma, neighbors, etc.) paired with contact info for local authorities and poison control. Make a list of any food allergies/sensitivities, child-specific tips for feedings and sleep routine, and a loosely set schedule. Having an arsenal of pre-planned activities doesn’t hurt either.

    Finally, walk through the safety steps with your babysitter so they understand what to do in the case of an emergency. Once you’ve left for the wedding, take a big deep breath and know you’ve taken all the right steps to ensure your kiddos are safe and loved so you can enjoy the time away. 

    5. Bring some backup 

    Wear the shoes that look amazing but bring a backup. Same with your outfit. Try out your attire beforehand. If it’s causing pain, discomfort, or blisters, choose another option or consider alternative options. For example – if your thighs are rubbing under your dress, slip on some bike shorts, shapewear, or try our Soothe Stick as a natural chafing balm. When your mind is focused on the pain you’re feeling, you can’t be fully present. 

    6. Protect yourself

    Weddings are joyous events filled with family members, friends we’ve known for years, and strangers we’ve never met. But when we’re in an unfamiliar area or around unfamiliar people, it never hurts to be prepared for a worst-case scenario. Consider carrying the birdie alarm, this smart necklace that alerts five contacts when you’re in danger, or your standard keychain pepper spray device.  

    When you’re prepared, you can let go of scared

    Preparation can’t remove all the possible dangers of the world, but it can at least put your mind at ease. That’s one of many reasons why we’ve made it possible to order Hapsy on subscription. Your Hapsy product can be re-filled every 30, 60, or 90 days (you choose), and you save 20% by being a subscriber. Either way, don’t forget to grab your Hapsy Daily Drop and your Soothe Stick before you head to your next wedding. And most of all, have a splendid time celebrating the happy couple!

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