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    What Makes Us Hapsy: August 2022 Edition

    Written on September 1, 2022

    Happy end of August! Here are some of our favorite things we loved this month.

    1. The Routine. Do you love the routine, the expected, the ordinary?  Or do you love the laissez-faire life that summer provides?  I love both, but I really thrive with routines and structure. If you are struggling to find your new normal, use this natural “Back-to-School” time to get into a new rhythm and routine.  Here are some tips to help!
    2. Our Twinterns! This summer we brought on two interns who are twins in college.  So, it was only a matter of time before I nicknamed Sammy and Kelly “The Twinterns”.  If you purchased Hapsy this summer, you helped support two college Sophomores to learn valuable lessons about work.  We are so thankful to them for working for Hapsy this summer and we are so grateful to you for helping us employ the next generation of leaders!
    3. My new Planner. Everyone has opinions on planners and I am not short of them myself.  Every spring, I start the hunt for the right planner.  I use my planner mostly from August – May and have very specific requirements.  I have yet to find them all in one planner.  Except while looking at Target, I think I finally found it.  The size is right, the design is simple, it has a pocket, and the notes pages are built in between each week (finally).  Could this be the one finally?  I am hopeful.
    4. Pickleball.  Earlier this year, I had the chance to try my hand at pickleball.  And wow, I had so much fun.  It’s much more “hangtime” than tennis, which makes it great for this court novice.  Our family played a round on a recent vacation and we all had a blast.  Now, I am on the hunt for the cutest set and I think I found it.
    5. Can we toot our own horns?  After the aforementioned family match, I came home and developed my first case of tennis elbow.  Can we call it that if it’s incurred during pickleball? I’ve been using this Soothe Stick for a week and it has been my saving grace in a new way!
    6. Walking!  A few years ago, a close friend and I started walking some mornings before work.  We’ve since walked in the rain, in frost, and in high humidity.  This week is our first week back to walking since school is back in session.  We decided to up the ante by walking with our Bala weights.  There is something that just makes me giggle about being known as the two ladies who “power walk with bracelets” now.
    7. Snoballs every day! I’ve had my KitchenAid Mixer for over 20 years now but only recently purchased an attachment for it.  They came out with this new shaved ice attachment and my NOLA-born, Snoball-loving soul had to have it. We have been mixing up summer treats for a month now, loving this easy way to enjoy an icy cold treat–no hand cranking required!
    8. Hapsy’s Granita Recipe. Is it just me or did everyone go to Italy this summer? I missed the memo and vacationed stateside.  But, with my new KitchenAid attachment and my friend MK’s delicious mint simple syrup, I whipped up this deliciously fresh granita recipe.  If you also didn’t make it to Italy this summer, I raise my glass with you. Salute.
    9. Back to School and Teachers! Where would our society be without teachers? I shudder to imagine! I love supporting our teachers in multiple ways, including my time and money. Here are some ways you can help support a teacher or school and enjoy that feeling of giving back.

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    Take care & be Hapsy!


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