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    improve your sleep habits, consistent quality CBD oil, why consistency is important

    Consistency: The Key to Seeing Results

    Written on September 13, 2022

    The seasons will be changing soon, and for many of us, that calls for a shift. Whether you’ve set your sights on new career goals, trying to improve your sleep habits, building a social following, writing a book, taking supplements, or working out, one thing will almost always guarantee progress when applied to your efforts. That one thing? Consistency. Let’s talk about why consistency is important, how consistency can improve your well-being, and why this one act can finally deliver the results you’re seeking.

    Change is hard. Achieving a goal takes work. At the helm of nearly all achievement is dedication. It may seem like people are reaching overnight success left and right, but for the most part, we can attribute that to marketing and how media shows success. The reality of why consistency is important is that progress takes time, commitment, and focus. But how do you stay consistent? We’ve started with a relatable example and the best ways to establish consistency in your efforts to achieve your goals.

    How to get the most out of using consistent quality CBD oil and salve

    Like vitamins and supplements, consistent quality CBD oil benefits mental and physical well-being much more with a regular daily dose. The best way we’ve found to do this is to first identify your regular trouble times. These are the moments when you start to feel anxiety and pain or when there are predictably stressful moments — think school pickup, rush hour traffic, or after working out. Once you’ve established your trouble times, set a reminder for 30-minutes to an hour beforehand to consume your dose. Finally, start with a 20mg dropper and listen to your body.

    The process of incrementally using more or less is called “titrating.” Feel like you could use an extra boost next time? Titrate your dose up by 5 mg, and see how you feel. This process is all about listening to your body and utilizing consistent quality CBD oil or salves. Hapsy works best when paired with a habit like your morning coffee, a healthy snack, or an evening meal. Stick to it every day, and document the changes you feel.

    Ways to increase your ability to be consistent

    1. Find an accountability partner
      When you work on a goal, having someone you can check in with to keep you on track can do wonders. Whether it’s a friend, family member, or a paid professional/mentor, sharing your goal and working as a team can help.
    2. Set boundaries to protect your goal
      Are there activities, relationships, or other habits that make it difficult to achieve your goals? Now is the time to set boundaries to stay committed to your progress. If the people in your life can’t understand or support you in your new goal, having a conversation or creating some distance may be necessary. If your goal is important to you, setting boundaries will be an important step.
    3. Do something to contribute to your new habit at the same time each day
      Having a set time when you work toward your goal each day can help to cement it in your schedule and prevent you from prioritizing other things above it. It also adds intention to your efforts. This may be one of the most important steps in creating consistency. Even if you’re low on time, do something small to contribute to your goal every day
    4. Track your progress
      Progress is not always linear. Tracking your progress not only helps you to acknowledge your starting point and the effort you put in, but it helps you to recognize missteps and make corrections along the way.
    5. Use technology that supports your goal
      Technology can be all-consuming, or it can help you to harness your goals when utilized properly. Applications like MapMyRun can help you to record your exercise and dietary changes. Notion or have great tools for tracking projects, deadlines, and financial goals. The Albert app helps you to save money in a more automated way. Reminders can help to keep you on track too.
    6. Remove barriers that can ruin your progress
      To achieve your goals, you may need to remove barriers that can derail you. If you’re trying to improve your sleep habits but have a scrolling problem (we feel the pain), set time limits in your settings or delete the apps that keep you distracted. If eating healthier is your goal, eliminate bags of candy, chips, or sugary foods keeping you from striking the balance.
    7. If you fall, get back up
      One mistake or missed day isn’t a failure. So many of us fall into an all-or-nothing mindset, which hinders us from achieving our goals. If you miss a day, break a streak, or have an off day (or week), get back on track and keep moving forward with your daily efforts. Consistency does not equal perfection. Consistency is about trying again and again, even when it’s hard.
    8. Strike a balance
      While you’re trying to achieve it all, remember to take care of yourself. Your body needs rest so your mind can run at full speed. If you can improve your sleep habits, do that first. Rest is an underrated tool in your arsenal for reaching your full potential.

    You deserve to achieve your goals. By making a long-term commitment and chipping away at it each day, you increase your chances of meeting and exceeding your goals. Your successes will make it impossible to question why consistency is important, and you will have the momentum to start work on your next goal.

    At Hapsy, we know that aches and pains and frequent feelings of anxiety can hinder progress. We love using the Daily Drop to recenter throughout the day and the Soothe Stick during/after long periods of sitting or standing, after workouts and at the end of the day. We’ve made restocking your Hapsy products even easier with Hapsy on subscription. Simply set it and forget it. Choose your frequency of delivery every 30, 60, or 90 days — all while saving 20%.

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