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      What is CBD Isolate?

      There are many buzzwords you’ll hear with CBD. You may hear about “full-spectrum” or “whole plant” products but Hapsy is different. We formulate from the ground up, extracting just the specific pieces of the plant (“cannabinoids”) we desire. This produces a reliable and consistent dose of Hapsy each time. What is CBD isolate? No guesswork — no variability.

      Now, listen. We love a good Pinot Noir from a “season in Oregon where the soil was particularly acidic that year” but we leave variability to the wines. With CBD, we want stability and consistency. By using isolates, we can guarantee a consistent quality in each of our products. Contact Hapsy to learn more about the CBD products.

      Does Hapsy contain THC?
      Hapsy is built from the ground up. Instead of using the whole plant, including any trace amounts of THC, Hapsy selectively takes CBD and infuses it into our products. THC-free. Not even the 0.3%.
      Will I get high from Hapsy?

      Because Hapsy is always free from THC, consuming Hapsy will not get you high. Hemp CBD can produce a relaxing effect, leaving you calm but still collected. For more information about CBD, contact Hapsy.

      How are Hapsy products tested/certified?

      Every batch of Hapsy is tested by a 3rd party lab to ensure our products are free from THC and toxins. We release each lab report (Certificate of Analysis or COA) on our website, which matches to any product in your hand. If you have questions about our COAs and batch information, contact Hapsy.