make it
your own

Hapsy is a totally fresh and festive beverage experience that exists somewhere in between happy and tipsy; where festive celebrations and breezy vibes cross cultures and span life stages, bringing people of all backgrounds together.

It’s the freedom of unbridled mirth and revelry but on your terms. It’s that magical intersection of low calorie, low sugar awesomeness with delightfully flavorful, sippable amazingness.

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, backyard gathering, beach party, or graduation bash, Hapsy is the go-to to elevate the alcohol-free selection in the cooler.

Looking to lean into the tipsy side of Hapsy? Add a shot of booze and join the party. Everyone’s always welcome. So, live a little. Live a lot, in fact! It’s Hapsy hour. Make it your own.

Hapsy drinks well with others!

 We felt the cooler was missing something important – a socially inclusive and festive drink for everyone at the party. The options are usually a calorie-packed can with booze or a sparkling water with lime. YAWN. Our first cocktail, Salty Seagull, is crisp, tart, clean, and perfect out-of-the-can or with a shot of vodka or tequila. With Hapsy, everyone starts with the same great cocktail and gets to enjoy as is or add their own little twist.

How do you Hapsy?

  • Straight out
    of the can

  • In a fancy
    cocktail glass

  • With a shot
    of liquor

Light & Lively

Hapsy cocktails are low in sugar, carbs, and calories so you can drink in the fun without the fuss.

Fresh Flavors

Our unique flavor combinations are the life of the party. A breezy alcohol-free cocktail with citrus, berry, and elderflower flavor.

Real Deal

At Hapsy we use real, premium fruit juices and none of those nasty artificial flavors or preservatives.

Not Drinking? Not a problem.

Enjoy a completely alcohol-free cocktail experience or try Hapsy as a fun mixer. 

Bubble-free is the way to be.

This is a serious cocktail. No bubbles here.

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“I can’t believe this is only 20 calories! It tastes so good.”

- Jenny

“Salty Seagull is like a day at the beach–crisp, fun, and full of good times.”

- Jake

“This is the best non-alc cocktail I’ve tried.”

- Josh

“Finally. A good cocktail that doesn’t have alcohol or carbonation!”

- Ava

“I love that I can add just half a shot of tequila to Hapsy when I feel like it.”

- Grace

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