What is Hapsy?

Hapsy is a new beverage brand in the cooler that is totally fresh and festive.

Where does the name Hapsy come from?

Hapsy is a vibe where you’re plopped between Happy and Tipsy, whether you choose to have alcohol or not.  You know that feeling when you’re lost in laughter and conversation with friends?  That’s Hapsy.

Do I have to refrigerate Hapsy?

No. Hapsy’s products are crafted to be shelf-stable. Hapsy’s beverages are best served cold but can safely be stored in your pantry

Is Hapsy vegan, kosher, gluten free, halal?

Hapsy’s products are gluten-free and vegan-friendly.  While our products are made with Kosher and Halal juices, the current manufacturing process is not Kosher or Halal certified.

Does Hapsy have alcohol?

Hapsy contains 0.0% ABV, meaning it is alcohol-free.  

Does Hapsy have sugars or sweeteners?

Hapsy has 3 grams of natural sugars from real, premium fruit juices per serving size. There are no added sugars. The natural sweeteners used are Stevia extract and Monk Fruit extract.

Does Hapsy have artificial ingredients?

Hapsy does not contain any artificial ingredients.

Do I have to be 21+ to buy Hapsy?


Is Hapsy a woman-owned business?

Yes! Hapsy is a proudly woman-owned business in the USA.

Does Hapsy have malt in it like seltzers?

No! We use real, premium ingredients to provide a bar cocktail experience straight out of the can.

I’m interested in selling Hapsy. How do I get in touch?

We’d love to hear from you.  Please use our wholesale page or email us at wholesale@behapsy.com.

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