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    Try the Hapsy Mint Julep Mocktail this Derby Weekend!

    Written on May 5, 2022

    Derby days (and Mother’s Day weekend) have arrived! Is there a better reason to dawn an over-the-top hat and avant-garde frocks? We think not. Each year, as the early days of May grace us with the warmth and blossoms of the spring “Lillies for the fillies”, we prepare for the fastest, most exciting two minutes of spring. If you’re privy to the Kentucky Derby celebrations that commence annually on the first Saturday in May, then you may also know the deep and beloved tradition of the Mint Julep. If not, then you’re in for a lesson in Kentucky derby trivia and lore — and a delicious twist on the official Derby cocktail recipe. Try our delectable Hapsy Hint of Mint Julep Mocktail Recipe.

    Let’s skip to the good part… nahhhh nah nah nah!

    The Hapsy Hint of Mint Julep Mocktail Recipe

    If you’re cutting back on alcohol, The Hapsy Hint of Mint Julep is a wonderful way to take part in Kentucky Derby traditions while treating your body like the vessel of health and wellness it is. This mint julep mocktail recipe has the classic mint flavor that makes the mint julep such a treat, along with the extra benefit of 20mg of CBD. Whether you’re crafting mocktails for Derby weekend, or to celebrate mom this Mother’s Day, this is a winning recipe.

    ❇️ 2 cups crushed ice

    ❇️ 20 mg Hapsy’s Hint of Mint Daily Drop

    ❇️ 1/2 oz simple syrup

    ❇️ 5 mint leaves + 1 for garnish

    ❇️ 1/2 tbsp fresh lemon juice

    ❇️ 1/8 tsp vanilla extract

    ❇️ 2 oz apple cider

    Instructions: In a mint julep cup, muddle 5 mint leaves with simple syrup. Fill the cup with crushed ice. Pour apple cider, vanilla extract, and lemon juice over ice. Top with Hapsy’s Hint of Mint Daily Drop, stir, garnish with mint, and put on your Derby hat to sip away! Still want that kick of the real deal? Simply swap the apple cider, lemon juice, and vanilla extract for 2 oz. of bourbon.  We also love In the Curious Kitchen’s Mint Julep Kit!

    Now that your Hapsy Hint of Mint Julep is in hand, let’s gallop into some Kentucky Derby trivia!

    Kentucky Derby Trivia

    How did the Mint Julep become the official Kentucky Derby drink?

    Horse racing has been a Kentucky tradition since the early 1800s, but it wasn’t until 1875 that the Kentucky Derby became an official event held at the newly constructed stands of Churchill Downs. The first sightings of the Julep in relation to the Derby were the winning Julep cups awarded to the winning jockey.

    However, the more famous Mint Julep Derby legend comes from a 1877 tale involving the famous Polish actress Helena Modjeska and the owner of Churchill Downs, Meriwether Lewis Clark Jr.

    As the story goes, Clark Jr. (the grandson of William Clark of the Lewis and Clark Expedition) passed an oversized mint Julep to Helena for a toast. Instead of passing it on to share with the group, Helena loved the flavor and kept it for herself…even ordered another.

    The wonder that is the Mint Julep

    The story made people rave and called for a new tradition to be kept. In 1939, after prohibition had come and gone, the Mint Julep became the official Kentucky Derby drink. But why is the Mint Julep such a beloved drink for Derby week?

    Often referred to as the next best thing to air conditioning on a warm day, the Mint Julep is an incredibly refreshing and decadent drink. With the crisp herbal flavors of freshly muddled mint mixed with simple syrup, and the rich flavors of vanilla, oak and caramel from the bourbon, this icy and robust drink hits all the marks for a thirsty spectator.

    How Hapsy is Celebrating the Derby

    Although we love the traditional julep for its history and robust flavors, we’re cutting back on alcohol and focusing on wellness. Our Hapsy Hint of Mint Julep uses apple cider and vanilla extract to mimic the flavors of bourbon in the classic Derby cocktail recipe, while the Hapsy Hint of Mint tincture replaces the buzz from the booze with a wonderful sensation of calm. The added bonus? Enjoy our mint julep mocktail recipe all day long and wake up feeling refreshed instead of hungover. Now that’s a winning recipe.

    This eventful Mother’s Day Kentucky Derby weekend, we hope you enjoy the crisp clean flavors of our Derby cocktail recipe while reveling in the joys of life’s greatest celebrations. Happy Mother’s Day to moms of all kinds!

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