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    CBD oil turns pink, what makes CBD oil turn pink, pink coconut water, why does CBD oil turn pink, Hapsy CBD oil pretty in pink compared to another well-known brand that turned orange during oxidation

    Why Does CBD Oil Turn Pink?

    If you woke up yearning for a good science lesson, we’re here to make your day. Have you ever looked at a bottle of CBD oil and questioned if it had a hint of color to it? It’s not your eyes...

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    improve your sleep habits, consistent quality CBD oil, why consistency is important

    Consistency: The Key to Seeing Results

    The seasons will be changing soon, and for many of us, that calls for a shift. Whether you’ve set your sights on new career goals, trying to improve your sleep habits, building a social following,...

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    What Makes Us Hapsy: August 2022 Edition

    Happy end of August! Here are some of our favorite things we loved this month. The Routine. Do you love the routine, the expected, the ordinary?  Or do you love the laissez-faire life that...

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    back to school tips for parents | cbds calming effect | cbd calming effects | why does cbd calm you down | mental health tips | keep calm with cbd

    Go Back to School without the Stress

    It feels like summer has just begun, but alas, we’re heading back to school. If you’re anything like us, it sends tension into our neck and shoulders and provides an unwelcome spike of anxiety....

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    Dog Collars, Hydrangeas, & Where the Crawdads Sing

    What Makes Us Hapsy: July 2022 Edition

    Happy end of July! Here are some of our favorite things we loved this month. Limelight “Hydrangelas”. Okay, they are technically Hydrangeas. But, in March 2021 when we were putting...

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    cbd for social anxiety | does cbd help with social anxiety | cbd dosage for social anxiety | social cbd drops

    Tips to Overcome Social Anxiety

    At Hapsy, discussing mental health is not only welcome, it’s encouraged, it’s necessary, it’s vital. Moms, dads, caregivers, college students, young adults, and children all need mental health...

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