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    Hapsy No-Stress New Year’s Resolutions

    Well, would you look at that?! A whole year lived and a brand new year ahead of us! The days may have felt long, but the year sure felt short. Now, as we look to the next 365 days of adventures...

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    Boo! Ahh! Holiday Prep is here?!

    The scariest game to play this season is ‘hide and seek’… with holiday planning! Ready or not, here it comes! We know, we know… holiday planning “isn’t supposed to start” until after...

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    Why Does CBD Oil Turn Pink?

    If you woke up yearning for a good science lesson, we’re here to make your day. Have you ever looked at a bottle of CBD oil and questioned if it had a hint of color to it? It’s not your eyes...

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    Consistency: The Key to Seeing Results

    The seasons will be changing soon, and for many of us, that calls for a shift. Whether you’ve set your sights on new career goals, trying to improve your sleep habits, building a social following,...

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