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    The origin story of Hapsy started with a scarf and a beautiful day.

    The word “Hapsy” was created on a gorgeous day in Georgia. Andrea climbed into her Jeep with the top down, tied a scarf around her hair, and hit the road to enjoy the sunshine. With her to-do list complete, and the kids happy and giggling, she couldn’t help but feel euphoria, like a great dose of CBD. The word “Hapsy” came to mind — a state of balance and bliss, a contentedness in the present. It’s this act and image of tying the scarf in her hair that always reminds Andrea of the sweet beginnings of Hapsy.

    When Andrea and Wells of Swells of Splendor met at The Southern Coterie summit, it seemed only natural to collaborate. With Wells’ beautiful scarf designs and the origin story of Hapsy’s name, it was the perfect fit. We are teaming up to offer an exclusive 2-week only pre-sale for our Hapsy x Swells of Splendor bundles!

    We love when form meets function. Hapsy products have been designed to help you settle your mind and body with isolated CBD suspended in the highest quality oils. Swells of Splendor celebrates living life boldly and beautifully with luxurious fabrics, patterns, and styles. Together, our Hapsy x Swells of Splendor bundles are the perfect way to start your summer — collected and with style.

    Bundles are sold exclusively during a 2-week only pre-sale on and from May 17-31. All orders will be processed after May 31, and shipped in the coming weeks. This is a one-time only sale! Once the pre-sale is done, the discount will be gone!