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    Support Wellness with a Regular CBD Regimen

    Written on February 28, 2022

    Like a hearty staple bundt pan, CBD is the trusty foundation from which beautiful moments can happen. There are so many ways to utilize CBD, but the best way to see results is through a consistent daily CBD regimen. If you’re new to CBD, there will be a short learning curve where it will be crucial to listen to your body to determine the dose that suits your wellness goals best. Whether you’re looking to utilize CBD for anxiety, or if you’re hoping to try CBD for muscle flare-ups, you can learn to listen to your body and support your wellness on the inside and out with the help of a regular CBD regimen. 

    First, know your “1-2-3”

    We’ve developed a 3-part system to help you fine-tune your CBD regimen. It all starts with recognizing the patterns of your anxiety, stress, or pain flare-ups to find the best time to take CBD.

    1. Identify your trouble time.

    Your “trouble time” is when you start to feel uncomfortable sensations from stress, emotional overwhelm, or physical pain. This “trouble time” could be around the time kids are getting on the bus, during your commute home, as your hormonal migraine sets in, or before/during/after your workout. Determine your daily trouble time(s) by listening to your body and recognizing when you feel discomfort.

    2. Set a reminder before your trouble time hits. 

    CBD needs time to absorb into your system. If you’re utilizing the Daily Drop CBD for anxiety or stress, set a timer for an hour to an hour and a half before your trouble time so you can take your dose with enough time for it to set in before the stress does. If you’re utilizing the Soothe Stick CBD for muscle flare-ups, set a timer for 30 minutes prior to your physical activity or known flare-up time. Getting ahead of the discomfort will help to reduce the sensations before they’re in full swing.

    3. Start with 20mg and adjust the next day if needed.

    If you’re utilizing the Daily Drop tincture, 20mg (half a dropper) is a great starting point. If you try it out and feel like it wasn’t enough, try increasing your dose the next day. Everybody and every body is different. It may take some time to find the dose that works best for you, so pay attention to your body while you figure out the right helping. If you’re utilizing the Soothe Stick, apply a generous amount to the muscle or joint. Apply more as needed. 

    If your stress or tension is more sporadic and less on a regular schedule, take your dose or apply at the first sign of your trouble time. Now that you know the 3-part system, let’s walk through some examples of how you can incorporate CBD into your daily routine. 

    To manage daily work or parenting stress

    If you’re someone who has a fast-paced schedule, you’ll want to hit the ground running with support from the get-go. We like to add a dropper of the Pure Plant Daily Drop to our morning beverage, then after lunch directly under the tongue. Many people utilize CBD for anxiety and find that it helps to slow down racing thoughts. The Magnolia Soothe Stick comes in handy when desk posture and tension manifests in your neck and shoulders. 

    Your Why:

    • Focus at the office/during working hours
    • Relief from tech neck

    Your When:

    • 20mg – Pure Plant Daily Drop – Early AM
    • 10mg – Pure Plant Daily Drop – Mid PM
    • Hint of Mint Soothe Stick – Lunch and late PM on stiff neck and shoulders

    To recover from a workout

    Working out is an important part of staying healthy and nimble, but with it comes joint and muscles aches and pain. To assist your endocannabinoid system and manage discomfort locally, we’ve found it’s best to pair a dropper of the Daily Drop with several swipes of the Soothe Stick. Don’t let discomfort keep you up at night and steal your precious resting hours. Using CBD for muscle flare-ups can help to manage the pain and get you back to moving. 

    Your Why:

    • Recover quickly from a run, HIIT workout, or lifting weights
    • Sleep through the whole night

    Your When:

    • 40mg – Hint of Mint Daily Drop – Post AM run or workout
    • Hint of Mint Soothe Stick – Post AM run or workout
    • 40mg – Hint of Mint Daily Drop – With dinner
    • Hint of Mint Soothe Stick – On sore muscles before bed

    For chronic pain and hot flashes

    There’s nothing quite like the fire drill of a hot flash interrupting your mid-day plans. We’ve heard that a dose of Hapsy Daily Drop can help to curb the heat and restore a balance that many feel they lose when hot flashes become the norm. If joint pain is an everyday occurrence, you know just how disruptive it can be for simple everyday tasks, let alone adventurous plans. That’s why it’s good to keep a Soothe Stick handy for when the pain starts to make life painful.

    Your Why:

    • Keep the hot flashes in check
    • Relief from joint pain

    Your When:

    • 10mg – Hint of Mint Daily Drop – AM/PM every 4-6 hours
    • Magnolia Soothe Stick – After a shower, mid-day, and before bed

    No matter what your day looks like, you can find a moment of pause and a restored balance with the help of a CBD regimen. If you’re ready to take the leap, shop our selection now. Once you’ve experienced the wonderful benefits of a regular CBD regimen, subscribe to automatically receive your products every 30, 60, or 90 days and save 20%! Find balance within.

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