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    how to get into the fall spirit | home prep

    First Days of Fall: Ways to Get Ready For Fall and Into the Autumn Spirit

    Written on September 13, 2021

    Have you been wondering where the year has gone? It feels like only yesterday we were counting down the seconds on December 31st, marking the end of the first year of the pandemic (and hoping that would somehow signify a new beginning). Now as we approach the last few months before another new year, we are being intentional with making space for the good. The start of a new (and cozy) fall season means it’s time for change. Swimsuits, shorts, and tropical drinks with tiny umbrellas are being replaced by cozy knit sweaters and mugs of warm beverages exuding the rich aromas of pumpkin, apple, and cinnamon. The changes in season are obvious — but what about the changes in you? 

    This is a great time of year to focus on healthy change. If you struggle with knowing where to start or feeling overwhelmed with the magnitude of resetting your home or schedule, the Find Your Hapsy free PDF download is a great tool to help you learn how to get ready for fall and rid your home/life of clutter. It’s never too late to start. If you took part in the #FindYourHapsy  challenge, you’ve undoubtedly experienced the benefits of the fall reset, and there’s no reason to stop now. It’s the perfect time to move forward with intention, and empower yourself to commit to the future you. Here are the ways we are focusing on positive change this fall.

    Be the Change You Want to See in the World.

    There is so much in life that we simply cannot control. For many of us, that was the worst part of “pandemic life” — that feeling of helplessness. But instead of focusing on all that we cannot control, the most healthy mindset is to focus on what we can. Family life, work-life, relationships — the constant in all of those is YOU. Perhaps it sounds counterintuitive to suggest that this tragic and stressful time in our world’s history can evoke personal growth, but in many ways, this pandemic has challenged us all to think differently about our lives and values and has given us the opportunity to adapt.

    If there’s something in your life that’s not working, you may have the ability to change it. If you want to see change, it starts within. Trying to change others can be unbelievably frustrating and ultimately futile, but changing yourself is absolutely possible and incredibly rewarding. And while the thought of personal change can feel both overwhelming and terrifying to some, it all comes down to taking small, daily steps. Lasting change comes from the accumulation of small everyday choices. Consistency is key! 

    Make a Commitment to Yourself.

    To press reset on your life, you need to cleanse all the clutter and chaos. Remember: It’s not about throwing out everything in your life. It’s about evaluating what is working for you and what isn’t. Nurturing the habits, behaviors, and mindsets that are working for you — and saying goodbye to those that aren’t. Figuring out how to get ready for fall involves making the hard choices, doing the work, and committing to change. These are the things that will ultimately lead you to success, however you define it. 

    You are the only one that can break the negative cycles. Reset schedules with activities or events that add to your life and remove the commitments that bring you stress. Prune your environment to remove the items that end up in piles. Make a promise to yourself to take one positive step every single day and keep that promise, no matter what.

    Reset Your External.

    Never underestimate the importance of your surroundings. While it may be complicated or difficult to alter who you work with, who you live near or the attitudes of your family, making small changes in your living environment can have an enormous effect on your personal mindset and how you feel. For your home-prep for fall, make it a priority to reset your environment. Resetting your environment can include:

    • Organizing your work area
    • Cleaning out your closet
    • Going through your fridge
    • Purging your junk-drawer
    • Straightening up your nightstand
    • Throwing out old make-up and toiletries
    • Cleaning out your car

    Eliminate all of the clutter, mess, and chaos. Get rid of all of the trash that is getting in your way. Donate or gift all of the things in perfectly good condition that no longer serve you. Sort through your past to make way for your future. Streamline your outside and you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes on your inside.

    Invest in Your Internal and Home Prep for Fall.

    There’s a lot of stuff swimming around in your head. Don’t allow it to overwhelm and control you. It can be very therapeutic to write it down. Getting it all out of your cerebellum and onto paper is a great way to prioritize, get a handle on things, and tackle tasks one step at a time. Make a “brain dump” that includes:

    • Missed appointments that you need to reschedule
    • People that you need to reconnect with
    • Places that you want to visit
    • Items that you need to restock
    • Ways in which you can facilitate self-care

    Whether it is scribbled onto notebook paper, typed on your computer, or outlined into a beautiful journal — getting all the thoughts out of your head and onto an organized list can have a profoundly positive effect. You can start planning out details for an upcoming vacation (or staycation), record all of the things that happened during your day that you are grateful for, compile online resources for classes and videos that can help you meditate and relax — there is no end to the positives that come from turning swirling ideas into tangible lists. Better yet? The feeling of crossing off accomplished tasks. 

    Make Time to Get Hapsy While Learning How to Get Ready for Fall.

    This time of year is the perfect time to readjust, refocus, restart, and reset. The winter, spring, and summer of 2021 are all in our rearview mirror — the festive fall season, holidays, and the new year of 2022 are directly ahead. Ask yourself: How can you set yourself up for happiness and success? How can you quiet the distractions and focus on your needs? What tools can you add to your daily routine to increase your functional wellness and allow you to find your balance within?

    Hapsy premium hemp CBD products are intentionally designed to be where you are when you need a moment of pause. On those cool autumn days when you need a little boost, the Daily Drops are perfectly delicious in a hot beverage or even placed directly under the tongue. Taking a moment of me-time with a Sunday skincare regimen? The Soothe Sticks make the perfect addition. Hapsy products are easy to use, portable, and discreetly packaged to give you that quiet boost of confidence to carry on with your day. You deserve that feeling of contentment when all the pieces are in place and you are free to simply appreciate the moment. You deserve to be Hapsy. As we enter into the beginning of autumn,  it is important to remember that self-care is a power-move year-round.

    Be Present. Be Balanced. Be Hapsy.

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