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    cbd gifts and cbd gift ideas everyone on your list | holiday gift guide

    The Hapsy 2022 Holiday Gift Guide is here!

    Written on November 9, 2022

    As you lower ghosts and ghouls back into their storage coffins and hoist box-fulls of bulbs and strings of lights from attic nooks, we want to applaud you for keeping the spirit of playfulness alive for future generations. After all, magical childhood memories are made possible by the people willing to put in the effort to make holidays feel special. And here you are keeping the magic alive. Slow clap for you. Now that November has arrived, we’re cutting right to the chase with the Hapsy 2022 Holiday Gift Guide.

    If you’ve tried Hapsy, you know that giving it as a gift is a no-brainer. No matter your lifestyle, you likely have a use for CBD. When utilized in a daily regimen, these CBD gifts have the potential to ease the chaos and bring a moment of pause to days often filled with stress and tension. Do you have an “Early Riser” in your life that could use a little pep in their step with their morning coffee? Are you married to a “Chaos Coordinator” who could use the support of a thousand warriors? We get it. We’ve put together the Hapsy 2022 Holiday Gift Guide to make it easier than ever to choose which CBD gift ideas make the most sense for your loved ones. So let’s get started!

    CBD Gift Ideas for the Holidays

    The Mixologist

    We’ve all got that one friend with the magical touch. A drop of this, a dash of that, and they’ve stirred up a delicious beverage worthy of a full spread in Food & Wine Magazine. These concoction creators deserve CBD gifts that will elevate their cocktails and inspire new mocktails to supplement their beverage repertoire. This holiday season try The Mixologist Bundle with the Daily Drop Hint of Mint 1200mg and Daily Drop Pure Plant 1200mg. With the mint and flavorless options in the large bottle size, the Daily Drop can add to the flavor or simply supplement with CBD for a delicious CBD-infused version of whatever beverage they’re whipping up. Once you’ve secured your bundle, grab this 5-piece Bar Tool Set to really elevate their mixology game.

    The Early Riser

    Early to sleep, early to rise, this person is on a schedule and has things to do! They’re the first ones up, coffee in hand, already checking off tasks before the house begins to wake. For someone on a mission in life, a gift that starts their day on the right foot is essential. The Early Riser Bundle includes the Daily Drop Pure Plant 600mg (our travel size) to support the endocannabinoid system and the Soothe Stick Magnolia to ignite the senses and energize muscles to get them moving. Then to round it out, get the Bulletproof Coffee Breakfast Blend and these gorgeous handmade mugs (Reese Witherspoon has the “Woof, yall” mug!) to give them the morning ritual of champions.

    The Daily Walker

    For the loved one who is constantly moving, prioritizing their physical wellness, and wearing out their tennies faster than you can say “have you reached your step goal today,” The Daily Walker Bundle is the perfect CBD gift. This bundle provides the full-size dropper and the travel-size dropper to fit into their active routine. The Hint of Mint and Magnolia Soothe Sticks are ready to loosen tight muscles and support stiff joints in two scents — one for home and one for the gym bag! We thought these trekking poles and this custom insole gift card were the perfect compliments to the bundle made for an active lifestyle.

    The Teacher

    We don’t have to explain the many reasons why the teachers in your life deserve all of the best things. The long hours, expert levels of patience, and the many sacrifices they make for the children of our communities grant them the right to one of our best combos — The Teacher Bundle. The large and travel-sized Daily Drops and a warm floral magnolia Soothe Stick help those incredible teachers to take intentional moments of pause that support their wellness from the inside and out. Want to really become the favorite parent or bestie? Add one of the illustrious Stanley cups and throw a Target gift card in the cup as an added bonus. Truly an A+ gift.

    The Coach

    Tough on the exterior, yet soft as a teddy bear on the inside, the coaches in our lives know how to encourage their students to achieve their greatest potential through intentional goal setting and steadfast leadership. Also, probably caffeine. The role models, the mentors, the givers, and the coaches give so much to everyone around them. We felt it was necessary to create a bundle that gave back just as much. The Coach Bundle packs a punch with not one but two of the large bottles of the Daily Drop and not one but both the Hint of Mint Soothe Sticks, because we all know a coach could use some fuel and rejuvenation to keep it up. Pair The Coach Bundle with this environmentally-friendly sunscreen and this lap watch.

    The Chaos Coordinator

    Let’s get REAL. We all know a Chaos Coordinator that juggles all the things and has the Swiss Army knife of solutions for all things at all times. This talent was not developed overnight. No, it was curated over the course of millions of chaotic moments and pressure that would crack diamonds. Chaos Coordinators are there for everyone and have a solution for everything. Now it’s their turn to be supported and spoiled. So what do you give to the person in your life who prioritizes giving back so much?

    The Chaos Coordinator Bundle takes the cake with one of every product. Two of the large droppers — one of each flavor, two of the travel-sized droppers — one in each flavor, and both scents of the Soothe Stick. With this setup, the Chaos Coordinator will have their secret weapon in every location they need it and backups when stock inevitably runs out. Want to really give them a gift worth opening? Add the Dual Comfort Hot and Cold therapy pack and Charging Station for Multiple Devices. Some say you can’t buy love, but this gift will certainly test that theory.

    The Best CBD Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

    When we say that Hapsy is the right gift for everyone on your list, we mean it. People from all walks of life go through stress, and the best way to support wellness from the inside and out (in our opinion) is with Hapsy CBD gifts. You may read this and think, “but what about my CBD gift?!” There’s no shame in being direct with CBD gift ideas this year. Send the Hapsy 2022 Holiday Gift Guide to a friend or family member so they know exactly where to shop and what to get.

    Now, we’ve made restocking your Hapsy products even easier with Hapsy on subscription. Set it and forget it. Choose your frequency of delivery every 30, 60, or 90 days — all while saving 20%.

    Ready to start checking off your list now? Use Coupon code: CHEER30 to finish your holiday shopping with cash in your pocket! *Offer expires at 11:59 pm on 11/xx/22. The sale starts at 12:01 am on 11/xx/22. Offer not valid on subscriptions. Cannot be combined with other codes.

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