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    New to CBD?

    Welcome! We are so glad you’re here and want to learn. We were new to CBD at one point, too. Now that you’ve discovered Hapsy CBD-infused products, we want to arm you with the tools you need to make educated choices with confidence.

    With this guide, we believe you’ll find the right product and dose to achieve your wellness goals. See below the following helpful blog posts, the Find Your Hapsy quiz, suggested products, and even a money-back guarantee to get you started with your first CBD experience with Hapsy.

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    Let’s Get Started

    Trying new things, especially things that were once banned from use, can be intimidating. Having a plan of action can lower the intimidation factor, even with something like CBD.

    To help you, we’ve put together a Hapsy checklist!

    1. Take the quiz below to select the right products for you.
    2. Read the suggested blog posts on how to find the right dose.
    3. Use the promo code NEW2CBD to get your first Hapsy purchase for 20% off!
    4. Use your new Hapsy CBD-infused products and our blog resources for one month.

    If you weren’t fully satisfied and feel that CBD isn’t for you, fill out our survey and send your bottle back for a full refund.

    Let’s Start with Your Why

    CBD isn’t just a buzzword or label claim. CBD is a tool many people utilize to find their calm, their relief, and their moment of pause before reaction. Now that you’re ready for your first CBD experience, it’s important to know your why, your when, and your how. Take the quiz below to find your suggested product, the ideal time to use it, and how to use it.

    CBD Products to Know and Love

    Hapsy has been intentionally designed to meet you where you are when you need a moment of pause. Our portable packaging allows you to take Hapsy products on the go to work, the gym, or anywhere between you and home. Hapsy products don’t smell or taste like “weed” either, so you can reset your day with a modern, unassuming, effective product.

    hapsy oil
    Daily Drop
    The Daily Drop is a smooth and subtle CBD-infused safflower oil that you can take under the tongue or mixed into a beverage.
    Soothe Stick
    The Soothe Stick is a luscious and lightly scented CBD-infused topical stick you can apply to sore joints or muscles.
    CBD Bundles in Atlanta
    Get the best of both worlds with a bundle of CBD-infused sublingual drops and topicals to cover your insides and your outsides.

    We’ve Picked These Topics with You in Mind

    Your first CBD experience begins here with six of our curated blog posts. They cover the best ways to incorporate CBD into your life with intention. Read each one to learn more about the different types of CBD-infused products, how to find the right dose, and even CBD cocktail recipes for a fun treat! Get started by reading below and learning more.

    Don’t Take Our Word for It

    You know the saying, “the proof is in the pudding”? See for yourself the wonderful things our customers have to say about Hapsy products.

    • “Hapsy has really helped me keep my focus when I am getting my day started. As a sales executive, mother, wie, and volunteer it’s difficult to stay on task without getting distracted, but Hapsy helps me do that. I love the taste of the hint of mint and use it daily, straight up!”
      – Julia S.
    • “I carry a lot of my daily stress in my neck and shoulders, so on days when I feel my neck and upper back tightening from the stress of the day, I rub in the magnolia soothe stick into my neck and tops of my shoulders, and it smells SO GOOD! Also, it’s almost like a switch that tells the tension in my neck and shoulders to “LET GO!” I really love that I can almost instantly remove muscle tensiosn in my neck and shoulders, and it smells so soothing and lovely. Definitely give it a try!”
      – Stefanie M.
    • “I bought this because I thought maybe we will give it a try. My husband has creaky knees, a bad back, and a sore shoulder. This sat in our cabinet for a while. Each time I asked if he wanted to try it he looked at me like I was crazy. Then the pain and weather got him to a place he figured sure why not. Within minutes of applying it he looked at me and said this works. He got up and applied it to all his problem spots.”
      – Kingdono

    Try CBD Risk-Free

    Trying new things can feel daunting. That’s why we’re taking the pressure out of your first CBD experience by providing a risk-free way to try Hapsy’s CBD-infused products. For first-time Hapsy customers, we are offering a money-back guarantee. If after one month of using our products you aren’t completely satisfied, simply email us at [email protected] and we will provide the steps to facilitate a return and refund.

    We Like Staying in Touch

    We strive every day to make life lighter and brighter for us and for you. It’s why we are so passionate about our products AND why we pour so much energy into content that is aimed at giving you the tools to get through your day with a little less friction and a little more fun. From our #FindYourHapsy 30-day challenge to organize your house from closet to junk drawer, or our tips on how to hack your daily routine, our blog is packed with helpful tools, tips, and tidbits you’ll enjoy reading about.

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